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Heads or Tails? What Will it Be?

Updated on August 4, 2013

Will it be heads?

“Heads, we get married; tails, we break up.”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“I’m dead serious,” Andrew stated. “I am sick of waiting on your career and having a child, so I am going to flip this coin, and if it lands on heads, we are getting married in 6 months, and if lands on tails, well, we are breaking up.”

“I cannot believe that you are actually considering flipping a coin to decide how our relationship is going to end up,” Alicia said.

“Well, believe it. I’m getting older and I want a family, and I cannot keep waiting on you to figure out whether or not you want one too. If I hear you say that you are not where you want to be in your career yet one more time, I am going to scream.”

“But Andrew,” Alicia said, “I am not ready to get married or start a family as of yet. I love you and I do not want to break up.”

“That’s too bad because either we are walking down the aisle or I am moving out and moving on,” Andrew said almost shouting.

“Baby, are you sure you want to risk all that we have for a flip of a stupid quarter?” “We have been together for five years; doesn’t that mean anything to you?” Alicia sighed.

“That’s why I am doing it. You won’t take the risk; hell, you won’t miss a beat on those birth control pills, and you have a freaking panic attack if you take it five minutes late. I am tired, Alicia. It’s been five years, and it’s time to take the next step in our relationship. Every time we talk about marriage or children, you freeze up. I have been patient with you all these years, but it is time to get married, or move the hell on.”

Alicia was shocked. She had never imagined that Andrew would do something so random. She always knew that he was adventurous, and she even admired him for it, but this was crazy. They had a wonderful relationship, or so she had thought. She knew that Andrew wanted a family, but she just wasn’t ready. She loved him too much to let him leave her, so breaking up was not an option, but how in the world could she let him flip a coin to decide the fate of their future? Alicia could not stand the thought of being without Andrew, but on the other hand how could she get married if the coin lands on head when she wasn’t ready? All these questions ran through her head as she stood in the living room of the home she shared with Andrew.

“Alicia,” Andrew called to her. “What is going to be? Are you ready to let this coin decide if we are going to get married, or are you just going to say yes?”

“Andrew, I need to think about this for a few minutes okay,” Alicia said.

“No, there is no more thinking; it is time to make a decision. The time is now to start the next course, and I want children. Either you want to be with me and have my children, or we can break up, and you find someone else to wait on your career. I am going to flip this quarter now, and whatever happens, I will always love you, but I am going to do this,” Andrew stated boldly.

“Andrew!” Alicia shouted.

But, it was too late. As her voice was faltering, the coin was in the air. As it rotated and flipped, Alicia’s mind did the same. She thought of all the things that she and Andrew had gone through. She thought about how much she loved him, and how a child would look if they were to have one. She thought about what color dress she would wear if they got married and how much she wanted to find the right job and when would the right time be. As the coin landed on the floor, Alicia screamed.

“Andrew, wait! I will marry you.”

“The coin landed and as it did Andrew walked toward Alicia and scooped up into his arms. He kissed her passionately, and said.”


He leaned down to pick up the coin. Alicia strained to see the results. It was heads.

As Andrew slipped the coin in his pocket, he smiled. Both sides of the coin were heads.


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    • allykat1982 profile image

      allykat1982 4 years ago from South Carolina

      Thanks you very much.

    • profile image

      dreamseeker2 4 years ago

      He was a stinker! : ) Cute and cleverly done! Had to be voted up!

    • Man of Strength profile image

      Man of Strength 4 years ago from Orlando, Fl

      Wow, Allykat, that was awesome. As the coin was in the air my heart was racing. I'm glad it had a happy ending. Voted all the way up!

    • allykat1982 profile image

      allykat1982 4 years ago from South Carolina

      thank you

    • Sunny River profile image

      Sunny River 4 years ago from A Place Without A Name which resides somewhere between Fantasy and Belief, just north of Reality

      Great short story. I loved this. Made me smile and frown and worry and then laugh. It had everything and it was a great concept to boot. Awesome job. :)