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Healing Thunder

Updated on May 30, 2014

Healing Thunder

Heal me!

My soul is battle weary

from the hustle of the city

Your thunder

is soothing oil

to the lamp of my spirit

I turn my back to you

and close my eyes

and I can see you

moving in on the rocky shore

staking your claim

as the panther does the gazelle.

You are my friend for life.

You have taught me well.

My passion for you

is deep and eternal

equaled only by my fear

disguised cleverly

as respect.

I etch a message in the sand


your mighty hand will erase it

Just as I live this life


all too soon I, too, will be erased.

You have taught me to make it matter.

Live well.

Make a difference.

Have an impact.

Live life

in a really big way.

The tides are changing

and ebb tide is waiting in the wing.

And then?

As simply as I began, I will end.

Today I will take a deep breath

and I will be renewed

about what really matters.


I’m thankful

for the sunshine

and hopeful

for warmth.

And I’m thankful for pink plastic shoes

that fill with sand

from my journey.

Part of you will come home with me today.

All of you

lives inside me

every moment

that I live.



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