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Health and Nutrition Discussion

Updated on June 15, 2016
  • Describe your current approach to exercise, nutrition, and overall health.
    • To be completely honest the only exercise I really get is when I go to my physical therapist. You see I was in a bad car accident last May that has made it hard for me. If I walk for too long my knee hurts and begins to swell. Plus with my left shoulder the way it is I cannot do much in the way of stretches and things. However, I do try my best to do what my therapist tells me to do. My nutrition, on the other hand, is pretty good. I eat pretty healthily for the most part. My overall health is ok as well other than the fact that I have severe asthma which sometimes makes it a bit difficult to breathe.

  • Select and describe two nutritional strategies that you can implement to either improve or maintain your current health.
    • Two nutrition strategies that I can use to improve my overall health would be to cut down on the amount of greasy foods that I intake. Such as hamburgers, fried foods and things that are just overall fatty foods. Another strategy that I could probably improve on is the exercise. I could try to be a bit more active. Maybe go for a least one walk a day with my children.

  • Select and describe two exercise strategies that you can implement to either improve or maintain your current health.
    • I could walk more and be a lot more active. I could also do some exercises outside of what I do at therapy each week. I could be a lot more active with my children by playing with them.

  • Explain how a well-balanced diet and regular exercise impact your ability to learn and to be successful as a student.
    • With the stress that I sometimes experience in my day to day life sometimes causes me to lack in my school work. However, I do the best I can to keep my day to day life separate from my school and long-term focus on my goals.

Tips for healthy eating


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