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Healthy Writing Tips

Updated on February 26, 2018

Write to Capture the Mind of Your Readers

Writing Original Articles Sharpens Your Writing Skills
Writing Original Articles Sharpens Your Writing Skills | Source

Top Six Tips

You can master your article writing skill which is an art, and the combination of thoughts and ideas hand written or type written on paper. Being a writer, to be effective in writing you must be at your best to capture and hold the interest of your readers, continuously satisfying their appetite. Consider your readers as your listening audience attentively listening to what you have to say, your writing presentation should actually be the same as if you were verbalizing your speech, the only difference is your conversation is in a written format in oppose to being audible.

Your Title

1. From experience the first thing about writing which appeals to a reader is the title of the article, once that sparks the interest your message is sent and curiosity sets in, the result will begin immediate handling of your material which quite often ended up becoming the possession of the curious reader.The power of your title page should be your strongest and foremost focus in article writing. Capturing the attention of your reading audience is essential to get your message across, weather you are writing a book posting an ad or drafting an email, the stronger your headline appeal, or your title page is the more readers you will attract, healthy writing will always stand out.

Be Creative

2. You must harness your creative ability which will motivate your writing skills as you create your own writing pattern which will become your unique brand in delivering to your reading audience quality articles they will want to become part of their library collection for reference. Creative writing is all about the subject of your choice that you choose to write about for whatever reason the subject may appeal to you, and the message you intend to send in writing, whatever the subject you should be comfortable to write about it and should have sufficient knowledge about the subject to convey enough facts to benefit your readers. If your story is based on facts you should do your diligence to write facts and not a combination of facts and fictions, healthy writing is the ability to stick with a particular writing style.

Build Your Vocabulary

3. Build your vocabulary to have a reservoir of word flow to easily complement each other in rhyming what you have to say creatively; a strong vocabulary is like tapping into a word power box for the most suitable words to polish your sentences and shine your paragraphs to reflect a vivid picture of your story. It is the power of your words which will captivate the mind of your readers to have them reading gradually digesting the juices from the material in your article. Each paragraph will create an anxiety to get to the next to see what its content is, in the same time creating an appreciation in the mind like as refreshment to the reader, healthy writing flows.

Refreshing with floral fragrance

Rose of Sharon in my garden
Rose of Sharon in my garden | Source

Refresh Yourself Often

5. Refreshing yourself to write effective articles should be a regular practice as a writer, this prevents boredom and allows your mind to recreate its thoughts by shifting its focus briefly to something else; e.g. I walked out to my garden and began to admire the full bloom of my “Rose of Sharon” in Lilly white dabbed with pink streaks in the center of each bloom, the plant is deliberately groomed round to tastefully allow the fullness of the blooms to cover over the green leaves to reflect a blanket of Lilly white, this and the full blooming Hydrangea plant were the most refreshing to look at and to smell the petals, I return to my writing fully refreshed.

Love Your Notebook

4. Your notebook should always be within your reach keep it as secondary reminder in form of a diary, or your daily journal in addition to your word vocabulary from which you will from time to time retrieve fascinating thoughts as new things appeal to you may be from looking at a scenery, a landscape or from some attractive colorful foliage in Autumn, an unusual formation in the clouds at sunset. As a writer you will discover that the art of writing is developed by the things you see, hear, and imagine, these impulses insight your writing skills to express yourself in articles you may revisit in form of reading to reminisce a point or time of new inspiration.

Things are likely to disappear from your memory but your notebook will not fail unless it is deliberately destroyed lost or stolen.

Make Your Work Station Professional

6. Your work station be it fixed, make it comfortable and professional for your writing purpose, finding your references should be easy, create labeled files you can quickly access when needed, I recommend printed backups as well in the event your desktop sustain a crash or come under malicious attack be organized. You may also have a portable workstation you move about with, in form of a laptop, organize your files giving them relevant names to relate to your article to easily retrieve those notes, keep your fiction and nonfiction ideas in separate files at all times use notepad for more precise notes. If you will maintain these professional habits you will realize you have created for yourself a legitimate work at home job you can be proud of and opportunities will come your way.


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    • Lucildoll profile imageAUTHOR

      Lucilda Evans 

      4 years ago from Ajax, Ontario

      Thank you Lis!

    • liswilliams profile image


      7 years ago from South Africa

      Definitely helpful for every hubber out there


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