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Hear Me I Am Distruction

Updated on August 10, 2010

What Texture Can Justify An Emotion

Hear Me I Am Destruction

 Count your days for one will rise on swift wings of your demise a sallow face you dispise

With a voice where deep intentions are wrought and a cunning mind sharpened by morbid plot

Slender hands grip like steel though mortal fear deadens the feel

Pale skin ravaged by the light stands before you

All saviors you call to aid in your plight are swiftly silenced by the wretched night

Hollow eyes seek constant thrill though the sockets be empty they peirce through you still

Brazen lips sewn shut pull against the rosin chord and deeper it makes its cut

Innocent eyes castign that soft glow are newly blackened by each new blow

Fingertips numb almost gone they raged against destruction like porcilen against brawn

Forever cast from grace is this deathly luminious vacent face

Calm words reach you with haste their weight heavy vile be their taste

Cursed you wish you could be yet this eternity is forever what you will see

Think yourself wise and of coherent thought though the corners of your mind with maddness are wrought

Thousands have faught only to fail and what was once your child lulabye turns on your ears now as a shreaking tourtured cry

Tiny breaths are tied off

Loyalty is bought off

Angels wings are sawn off

Punctured lungs strain to speak legions demons cackle from every peak

The heros heart matched against an eagles beak

Scream now for no longer may you speak.



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    • profile image

      yourman:) 3 years ago

      it's savage and brutal and really deep i've been reading it everday since you showed it to me i love it, and you have blew my mind in the best of ways :)

    • LeahPutz profile image

      LeahPutz 7 years ago

      Very much so :)

    • poeticColor22 profile image

      poeticColor22 7 years ago from The Coast

      thank you im flattered.

      My goal is to cause pictures/a story to be formed within the mind of my reader.

      Did you see it?

    • LeahPutz profile image

      LeahPutz 7 years ago

      Wow! Your poetry is amazing!!