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Heart Eater

Updated on December 25, 2011

As I admire the wind whirling through the tree’s I begin to think

I Don’t Want your love and thy attention company & affection

When the violent wind comes to a quickly anticipated halt..

The screaming voice of wanting agony cry’s out from thy stomach ‘s pit..

I want that love.. I want that love .. I want that love….

I trick my mind and roll thy golden laced silver tongue…And tell my heart..

I.. I .. I‘m.. I’m making due without your radiating smile and that laugh!

I don’t want your love , Its no more than a boring burden of excitement

Thine & Thee are only mere poison entering one another’s veins.. Via.. IV.

I Don’t…Want Your Love.. Tis not or hath no longer genuine or near.

Foolish is the action & Thought of the saving of thy self Or Thoust.

I ..Don’t Want.. Your Love , it’s only overwhelmingly insurmountable.

Shhhhh.. “There is no longer more here for your consumption to consume”

Why.. I am gone & Here at the sight of thyself In thus intended mirror of miseries…

Why’ll falling to failing fallen piece’s and violently scattered gently amongst the meminisse..

You and I are alone why’ll amongst other’s and I when only thou Is near, And thou when I.

It’s the diabolical something in the deepest and darkest void’s inside that it constantly be speaking Of thy

Scent of thou perfume & The most gorgeously elaborately beautifully epic suicide is being spoken softly..

I need not ..I need not.. I shall never seek in nor out, I don’t think of want need crave your approval interest infatuation touch company joy laughter hatefulness memories art poetry song spoon & cotton crucifixions

And yet in this man’s time ticking away constant I seek some thing to do with it and deny the thought.

I am more than raving over the craving my mouth’s mouth sal·i·vat·ing, For ye sick twisted idea of love.

And all that along with comes , Example being your piercing touch and look.. And sound of thyest shallow breathing accompanied by your sleeping facial expressions, I’ve been all this time into starring..

Thy is no longer here for ye , And ye are no longer ye , I .. I .. I am. .. You.. You..

Your only for the excruciating unthinkable pain self inflected ignorantly And wanted misery & Punishment..

Then again I am and have been and will .. And you shall as well in all over due time of sexist man ..

On thou knees.. Prim ally ghostly screeching agony screaming hoarsely for the release from ..

The un known bond ball chain emotional draining un-thought of unspeakably begged for cage.

Thy knees are on your hollow hurtful ground and your kneeling toward me, why we began screaming

For release we proceed the necessary scratching and clawing till thy nails fucking bleed and We smile

In relief with the self acknowledged agreement of our crucifying with our grueling and beautiful apathy

Why I had been planning to make thy noose from thou wedding dress you wearing I had yet to seen

Only dreamt and imagined constant and obsessively , Then to be used for thy self inflicted gorgeous

hanging , Thy keep kicking over my stool of forgiveness and love , I continue offering because I am Sid

And ye are thy heart eating soul mate my poet artist musician lover needle in thy vein my darling Nancy

I don’t need your love I say , As the wind whirls through the limb’s of our dead yet living tree..

Starring out into the distant at the whirling of the leave’s And the sky cloud’s and bird’s that do not sing

I don’t need your love, But It is what thy heart mind soul vein’s seek crave and truly want forever more

Than anything , That I will & Have ever dreamt .. I cut my heart out and pull it from thy chest … And

Then my dearest heart eater you may smother again and beat abuse and suffocate thou pain and begin to eat the heart , The heart that beat’s.. For thy Heart Eater thou anger animosity abuse pain & and suffering

May once finally at last be Taken , And burned , Shot into our vein and taken ,

Taken all away.


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    • Awful Poet profile image

      David Walston 6 years ago from The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) (m-M)_0 = 18.41, or 48 kpc (~157,000

      Thank You~

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 6 years ago

      Great words awful poet.

    • Awful Poet profile image

      David Walston 6 years ago from The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) (m-M)_0 = 18.41, or 48 kpc (~157,000

      Thank you mikielikie~

    • mikielikie profile image

      mikielikie 6 years ago from Texas

      what a wonderfully written poem!

    • Awful Poet profile image

      David Walston 6 years ago from The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) (m-M)_0 = 18.41, or 48 kpc (~157,000

      Why thank you~

    • profile image

      AshleyAutumn 6 years ago

      youre so beautiful David!