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Hearts Prey

Updated on March 23, 2010


a crystalline palace

within the clouds’ silver glow,

lacy threads surround prisms for walls,

enraptured they flow

the waters cascade,

rain is the pleasure,

there is no pain,

life is a leisure,

lead on to sight & sound

past the city’s din

sight the lost & found

in futures we haven’t been,

stride over the sun

eyes glance upon the moon,

the moment of true love is forever

the eternal is too soon

rise to greet the bliss

the rainbow’s bright hue

in heart we are one kiss

in memory we are two

clandestine rhymes written to the history of the day

when from your lips these words did stray

‘I love you as the stars reign

a sighted blue

here is my heart

heal the pain’

She Cried (beginning to last)

Her eyes laughed
trembling darkly in the light
mouth tilted back
a smile lay slip stain upon her lips
'tell me the words you already know
I'll smell out your secrets
to the future we'll go'
I smiled softly
in the pale moonlight
a sound swam to obscure
fluid eclipse its delight
'twas only the hour,
for that we'd of died
now is the time
I keep what is inside
for it was only ever
forever and ever
I the thunder
Tears filled her skies

The Kiss (Shrouds)

shrouds of darkness fall away
skin of satin, lips sway,
listen to the whispers scratching at your ear
violate the whimpers, cascading sound of tears
the bliss in the moment
taste of these years (all the lovely fears)
rip and tear at the softness
blood trickling over lips
thick velvet blackness
open these eyes of blue
the shroud drifts down over me over you
lace tasting whispers pass between us
as the moon has her's this flesh is to dust
twisting colours, ashes forlorn
stars shower down upon this melded form
the shape speaks of spindly towers,
worn away lines, lilting showers
the meeting and the melting
become one in the rose
a kiss to blow...the kiss he chose

& Now

love has come again


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    • dyonder profile image

      dyonder 7 years ago from Colorado

      You are too kind, Moulik Mistry. I've much to learn and in my journey have gathered emotions/experience; this letting go helps, being honest helps. Your words, and all the words of others help. Thank you.

    • Moulik Mistry profile image

      Moulik Mistry 7 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

      Great writing, very well done - I appreciate your writing style...

    • dyonder profile image

      dyonder 7 years ago from Colorado

      Thank you, philip carey 61. It's often times so difficult to express something in conversation which is so much easier to illuminate in the written word.

    • profile image

      philip carey 61 7 years ago

      All of these are very good. Nothing talks like poetry.

    • dyonder profile image

      dyonder 7 years ago from Colorado

      Thank you, sophs. Oft times I get lost in the words/emotions & what has meaning 2 me has none 4 others. It's nice to know sometimes it makes sense...;)

    • profile image

      sophs 7 years ago

      This is beautiful and so moving, great work dyonder :)

    • dyonder profile image

      dyonder 7 years ago from Colorado

      Mentalist acer, thank you. Just found a love again & felt the need 2 let go of some things.

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      The poem flowed beautifully and had great sentiment!