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Heart's Chalice--Book Review

Updated on November 26, 2011
Cover Illustration
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What Kind of Book Is Heart's Chalice?

Heart's Chalice, by Thomma Lyn Grindstaff, is an amazing story that crosses several genres. Do you like suspense? It's there. Mystery? Check. Romance? In spades! Doses of the paranormal/supernatural? Oh, yeah.

I have never before read a story quite this captivating that encompasses or touches upon so many different genres. Thomma Lyn has created a spellbinding masterpiece.

There's something for everyone in this story of a little over a thousand pages.

What's the Story About?

Well, without adding spoilers, which I really hate to do, it involves young love, second-sight (also often called ESP) and misinterpretation of the visions seen by the psychic folks. There is joy, heartbreak, sadness, misery, a wonderful and mysterious pair of cats, and of course, the obligatory villain, who is chillingly evil, and well-meaning folks who serve as interim "bad guys," until they come to their senses and it turns out they were only misguided. Heck, there's even a kidnapping- style rescue and a car chase!

There are dreams of lifetime goals; dreams realized; dreams crushed out; dreams regained. The characters are so lifelike you cannot help but feel for them and with them as they go about trying to straighten out the tangles life has thrown at them. and figure out what in the name of mischief is going on.

The story even delves into areas that might be on the edge of science fiction, with hints of paralell universes or time travel. Or is it about an afterlife? It's a fascinating, page-turning read, that leaves the readers to draw each their own conclusions.

There are plot twists and turns galore. In the end, it all sorts itself out, but there are so many twists that I wonder how Ms. Grindstaff kept them all straight as she wrote! At times, the characters themselves are thrown for a loop, unsure of what is happening to them. Even the ending is a twist of sorts, that leaves you saying, "Hmmmmm....."

The Author


Where Can I Get This Book?

Heart's Chalice is available as an e-book from several online sources, including Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. It's truly a must-read.

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