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Hell Had Me

Updated on January 2, 2010
Agent From Hell
Agent From Hell

Agent From Hell

Hell had me; its agent had taken hold of me. Its arms were wrapped around me like bands of iron. I was struggling against its tight embrace to no avail. Throwing my head fiercely from side to side trying to gain a glimpse of what was controlling me and yet, I was horrified at the thought of what I might see. Would I be able to bear the sight of this evil being; holding to me like an animal, tightly to its prey. Was I one of its prisoners that it had charge over now? Someone that it would have power over for an eternity; Perhaps to torture at its own leisure. Someone to take all its anger driven frustrations out on that had been pent up for centuries?

All these things flashed before me as I was struggling to free myself. We were moving forward as if floating down a smoke filled, dimly lit tunnel. Growling and disembodied voices laughing permeated the area around my scuffling resistance down the long corridor. Exasperated, the fear in my pounding heart rising more with every foot of decent toward the Smokey, glowing entrance to what I perceived to be eternal damnation, Hell itself.

“This is it” I thought, no escaping it now, no way to turn back; “surely this can’t really be happening” I thought. I couldn’t budge its powerful grip to move my arms even a little. I couldn’t say a thing; it was as if my voice was paralyzed within me. I tried to scream but, my mouth could barely move and my speech was slurred as if I had been the victim of a severe stroke.

Many thoughts raced through my mind. So much to think about but, it was as if an evil voice within my consciousness was saying, “You’ll have plenty of time to think about it, lots of time,” it said with a shrill evil laugh. This only compounded my terror more.


The Corridor


Even though nothing I could have ever remotely imagined or had ever occurred in my scariest night terrors prepared me for this. Even so, it’s strange what you think about during adverse situations. We’ve all of course had thoughts about heaven, hell, death. Not necessarily the most pleasant of subjects to ponder but, we all have been there at some time or another, wondering what it was going to be like or even if there really was a heaven or a hell; purgatory maybe? Is it going to be so horrible; and are we going to be relentlessly tortured beyond our imagination or that of which our minds could even conceive?


 Suddenly, a memory of being in church when I was young was before me. The minister was speaking and keeping us on the edge of our seats with his message of “repent and go to heaven or forever be damned to the fiery hell, reeking of sulfur from the hot brimstone.”  I was undone by the mere scope of the scenario that he laid out before me, as I was only a child of about ten years or so. Scared and wondering if God meant this for children too! Was I at the age of accountability? As I sat there, almost in a trance pondering all the things he said in a deep reverenced regard and with the conviction and remorse that only a child could feel for a wrong he committed, the minister stopped speaking with an abrupt silence that shocked me and drew my line of sight to his face, hanging on every moment, listening intently, and then he said,” I want to thank everyone for coming and that he hoped the service had been as much a  blessing to us, as it had been to him and that he  would like for us to take up an offering for the new Sunday school classroom fund,” and with that, soon after, he announced the benediction. There I am, between heaven and hell, two great armies battling for my very soul…and I’m all alone.


  “Why am I thinking these things?” and then; again I heard the voice say,” You’ll have plenty of time to think about all these things.” As I go forward down the corridor, my life was flashing before my eyes, seeing faces and events from my past in a moment of time, surreal, the mind not missing a single detail. I see my wife and children and I’m wondering what will become of them; how will they get along without me? You would think that if you were dead and on your way to hell, this would be one of the lesser of your worries but, it’s all too real of a concern and I can’t do anything to change it. The voice within again saying,” You had your chance to change things, it’s to late now.” Yeah, that’s right; I had a lot of opportunities to do the things I could have; I could have spoken more kind words and played with my children more often than I did. I could have given more encouragement to someone that was feeling down or leant a helping hand to someone that couldn’t do things for themselves. Yeah, I blew it when I had a chance to do better. It’s to late now.


  A sense of desperation seemed to flush over my body and slowly I’m beginning to stop resisting as an engulfing dread and a deep melancholy befalls me. I am starting to accept my fate and the whole of the impending doom. There is nothing left in me to put up a resistance as we move ever closer toward the fiery abyss.

Private Hell


  We were close to the entrance now. The glow of the fiery light from within was as a brilliant, blue tinted aura but, I noticed something I perceived as strange, especially in the situation I find myself in. It wasn’t as hot like I expected it would be, with the prior perceptions and myths told for as long as I can remember but, there was no flesh searing heat.                                                                                                                                                          


  The growls grew louder as the number of them seemed to be increasing also. The moaning of the tortured souls was so loud as to almost drown out my thoughts but, even with it being that loud I noticed it was as a great muffled humming of bee’s in a hive, just on a massive scale that’s hard for me to comprehend at this time but, I knew I was about to understand it wholly in moment. We were entering into a cavern like expanse, that when I saw it, shook me to the core. It was as an ocean of blue flames made up of an uncountable number of small blue flames as far as I could see in any direction. The entrance we came in disappeared behind us. I looked around and saw the demons that were carrying the others like me onto the floor of the cavern. They were stood up side by side, their bodies still partially paralyzed like they were bound by invisible bands. Then when their bodies were in position, there would be a burst of blue flame to engulf them, encapsulating them in a translucent private hell.

Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth


You could see the pain on their horrified faces yet; they weren’t able to scream out in

Their pain but, were shaking up and down inside the flame, gritting their teeth together. This accounted for the loud humming sounds I was hearing now. Suddenly a few words from the bible came to mind, “And shall cast them in the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” I have witnessed it here. My own demonic escort was placing me in position so I could endeavor in the same fate as the rest had. For the first time since the journey down the corridor began, I was standing face to face with it. I looked into its blank black eyes as it was readying me for my damnat….In the distance I could here a faint voice….growing louder.

Matter Of Opinion


   Mit, Mit , Mit, wake up fool: hey, you alright? “Wake up Mit!”Said Arlo, a friend of mine.” what you trying to do fool; burn your face off? As I was coming to my senses I said,” what the… What the hells going on? How’d I get down here Arlo?” Well” said Arlo, “ we were sit-in around enjoying the hell out of some pizza and a few brew’s …well I take that back, a lot of brew’s, and it was getting a little chilly, so, you said,” I’m going to light the furnace pilot light, because I ain’t done it yet.” Well you were gone a while so, I came a looking for you and found you lying on the floor with you face up against the furnace burner port,” said, Arlo chuckling. Arlo added,” them blue flames must have been Purdy to ya or something, the way you were looking at em.”I said, “Arlo buddy, that’s all a matter of how you see things at the moment!



2009 © Mit Kroy



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