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Hell + Mary

Updated on May 5, 2015

Hell M ary +

She was born under the name Mary Worth and was born fair of face

Until her tragic disfiguring accident that left repulsive in disgrace

No one would dare to look upon the monstrosity of deform

The mangled lost face on human form was so distorted from any norm

Mary unaware of "why" all the mortified, tear pled looks and "why?" children would scream before they'd flee

Coming home from hospice she adorned a hat and veil covering her face that her Mother created "...So People couldn't see"

Prior to the accident some would say that Mary was quite vain

Her parents numb with secrecy to the beast they can't explain

They hid every mirror within their house so Mary couldn't even see herself ~ they hid stainless steel as well

Disturbed that she may go insane from lack of modesty ~ " The face that rings a bell "

One night after her parents were fast asleep and made sure dormant for the night

She searched from cellar to attic to find a mirror to bring answer to this plight

In a dither and a cold sweat to untie her shawl and remove her hat to take her very first look ~

her blood ran cold , engrossed with

gross upon the horror she betook

As she uncloaked the mutant eyesore she became uncomfortable in her own skin

Distracted at abstraction with outside looking in

staring at a bundle of nerves that were previously within

a smoked screened, figleaf, red herring, brown paper to exclusively wrap plain

Before her face-lift and what was left to rid her of ordain

Gashed and slashed and punctured and ripped, she was beside herself in fear

To fathom this was not a phase to pass~this lusus imagery in her mirror

facing herself in cavity her heart was bleeding more now than her scabbard face

"Elementary Watson" ~ beauty is actually more than skin deep to MOST the human race

She would NEVER meet her Prince now or be "The Fairest of them All"

Even "Triple Dared" to kiss "Bloody Mary" was no match to chewing a random chose spit*ball

Stimulated by mutilation~her faith stood between the gate

as she spoke her plea to destiny to put a twist on star-crossed fate

She knew that it was going to take more than a stroke of good luck to send bad luck in reverse

A counteracting nullifier, redress, unshattering glass to break this very curse

*Before I tell much further I need first warn you of next "verse"

take heed to ensconce, hide, shadow your reflect when ye


"DI.OS QUE D.A LEGA D.A MEDICINAE !!" she denounced with all due respect to denote

" My Almighty source~in juxtaposition with his envoy~ bestow the antidote !!

I stand condemned, undesirable, shunned, spit upon and shuddered!

I beg thee, Almighty one, conscript the words I have here right now uttered

I was brought forth an embellished child please don't be so terse

No potion, tonic or solution let me mere immerse

Guise my replica out of view into vague divination

I hereby concede ANY remedy in reverie of cerebration

driven to extremity of HEAVY DELIBERATION ! "

No sooner did words slip twixt cup and lips as she ranted on her chant

Satire set in parody from heartbreak through her eyes not withstanding that she shan't

Faster than the ambulance that initially came when someone dialed 911

Mary and the pool of wraith~now became just one

Once beyond the twilight she was still not free~"Alas!"

'til she doomed the grudged and smite conjuring the looking glass

Urban legend suggests since the 19th century

Gaze too long into gaper and Diablo you will see !

To date it also is recognized for peace and sanction's sanity

to smug airs, bridle ample pride and not bedevil vanity

to not reflect the dead when hanging your chevals

Breaking trick of foolery with pictures on the walls.

*Warning DON'T try at home!


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    • Linda Cassini profile image

      Linda Cassini 2 years ago from Las Vegas NV

      Legend in my verse. Thanks for your compliment!

    • Linda Cassini profile image

      Linda Cassini 2 years ago from Las Vegas NV

      True legend with a twist of my imagination... Thanks for the compliments!

    • profile image

      k-swarup 2 years ago

      Wow!! Great poetry!

      Is this based on some true legend? Or your poetic imagination?