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Help! I Marrired a Dress

Updated on January 22, 2014

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon

I felt restless and set out for a drive

To my surprise I found myself parked

in front of the most expensive, exquisite boutique,

this side of town

How shocked I was when I found myself

stepping out of my car and entering

There it was, it caught my eyes

The most beautiful dress in the place

At first I was shy, I didn't know how to

approach this magnificent creation

Slowly, cautiously, like a Panther stalking her prey,

I carefully walked over to the dress displayed

and ran a hand over its silkiness liking the feel right away

I didn't think the dress would mind,

I even whispered to it,

"I'll be gentle and wear you only on special occasions"

That wasn't enough, I had to try on this beautiful creation

It was like magic, this had to be a sign,

I'd found that special dress,

that accentuated every curve and

hug my body like a glove

I was in love rushing to the cashier,

I had to purchase it before someone else

came along and try to swoop in and

take what was mine

With my dress in hand, this was going to be

the beginning of a long wonderful relationship

Exiting the boutique, the sun was still shinning,

I think it even shined a little brighter

I had my dress and yes it was happily ever after


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    • ek ellis profile image

      ek ellis 8 years ago

      Thank you

    • profile image

      philip carey 61 8 years ago

      "like a panther stalking her prey"--I like that line. Well done.