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Help Make Life Simple

Updated on July 14, 2013

Everyone can Be Wrong Some Time

I was told years ago life isn't that simple

It's not black and white

Every day I write

I prove them wrong

You notice my writings are just plain old every day words

No fancy pictures or incredible videos

I want each reader to read between the lines

Carry each thought in a new direction

Expand like one of those cardboard quick filing systems

That you stick all your monthly bills in

Accordian style

Mine is chuck full and filled with all the important bills

I have all my old bills and all my reciepts

I want each person to think

Where they are alone with their own thoughts

Not distracted like on the internet from every Dick and Jane

To me that is Insane

I just want you to read quietly to yourself or out loud

A few words on paper

You might have heard them years ago or they might become new instead

Thinking is what we do best

Why not practice that without even trying

Thanx for visiting and come back real soon ya hear

O.k. those were half my words and half somebody elses

They have been engrained in my mind for years


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