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Her Intuition

Updated on July 17, 2011

It can't be taunted or teased.

It won't stop until its pleased.

The truth is its only game.

It won't stop until it puts a face with a name.

It can always find the lipstick on his collar.

Causing her to study it like a forensic science scholar.

It makes her search his phone for numbers that were erased away.

And to write them down like she was composing an essay.

She can detect a scent of another woman's perfume.

When it hits the air as he walks through the room.

Her intuition is hard to contain.

The constant knowing is driving her insane.

The final straw is when she used a black light on the bed.

It confirmed her suspicions causing psychotic thoughts to race through her head.

She ran to the bar to pour herself a drink.

It calmed her down so she could think.

She decided to place a nanny cam on the top shelf.

She then wrote a note and for a few days she left.

When she returned she was scared to look.

But she forced herself to replay the video and one frame is all it took.

A face that looked so familiar.

That is why her secretary acted so peculiar.

Rage is what she felt when she saw them together.

Revenge was her only endeavor.

Her intuition proved her right.

All of a sudden her future looked really bright.

Her first thought was to slit their throats but she decided to work out something better.

He was going to pay and be made to wear the scarlet letter.

She took out his clothes and ironed on a large red patch of the letter "A".

Laid them out on the bed to see what he had to say.

When he saw this his eyes filled with tears as he tried to tell a lie.

She told him with a smile that he was pathetic because he started to cry.

He screamed out, " I'm sorry! I don't know what else to say?

Please baby, I will never see her again and this will all end today!"

And then she calmly said, "Sorry is not a word to use for what you have done.

And now for all of the years that I put into this marriage, I am going to empty you out just for fun.

My intuition told me to marry a man without a prenup."

She smiled again and said, " It really comes in handy with proven evidence leading to an unfaithful breakup."

Finding it hard to further contain her rage, she kicked him between the legs and walked out the door.

In severe pain he reached out to her and immediately fell to the floor.

He held his crotch in disbelief.

As a reminder that it caused him so much grief.


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