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"Her Painful Picture Not a Listless Lecture"

Updated on December 19, 2013

Her Painful Picture Not
a Listless Lecture

A New American Sonnet
for Someone I Cannot Forget

Chary Cherry, ever wary

of the daily dic-tion-ar-y,

sent to me her painful picture:

not fictitious listless lecture

or contrived, derived conjecture,

but her soul's own native suture

for my fragile compound fracture,

giving brave new brilliant juncture

to renew my sail-boat structure.

Thank you, willful, skillful Nature,

for this female sky-sail creature

searching with her poignant picture

new horizons to enrich her,

now become for me . . . a lasting casting fixture

in the fantasy . . . of my own glory story's future.

Max Havlick
Monday, December 16, 2013


Copyright 2013 by the Max Havlick School (of Personal Creation and World Citizenship), Villa Park, Illinois, 60181-1938, all rights reserved, "valuing and honoring each person's life as if it were a priceless work of art."


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