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Here I am Again

Updated on June 20, 2011
raindrops on the heart
raindrops on the heart


The rain is falling again.

And the excitement run into my veins.

The memory of you remains.

I don't know how will it ever end.

Feeling like a fool.

'Coz I don't find it cool.

My heart is screaming inside.

But I just cried...

Hearing now all the raindrops.

I want to keep it and put in in a box.

Hoping I could keep it forever

'Coz I don't want to remember.

That every time the rain falls.

It's you I can never ignore.


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    • fiveup profile image

      fiveup 6 years ago

      thank you! My stories and Zayleen Pain

    • Zayleen Pain profile image

      brittney 6 years ago from lost in my own minds lines

      Nice peice. Will be reading more..

    • My Stories profile image

      My Stories 6 years ago

      Nice poem. I look forward to reading more of your work.