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Here I am waiting

Updated on November 19, 2011

The husband

Here I am waiting

With flowers in hand

Standing here waiting

For your airplane to land

I wait here breathless

My heart on my sleeve

I hold my breath wondering

My soul on its knees

The wife

Here I am watching

Wondering if you will come

Sitting here waiting

Drinking too much rum

Hoping that you will

Steal my heart again

Wondering if you’ll still

Be my very best friend

Please be there waiting

To see me again

Standing there waiting

Your heart in your hand

It’s been a long time

Since we’ve been all right

I’ve been so broken

Since our last fight

Here I am waiting

In the pouring rain

Waiting and hoping

You’ll take away the pain

I stand here bleeding

My heart an open wound

Hoping you’ll fix this

So we’ll be better soon

You are my angel

The love of my life

No matter what happened

You’ll always be my wife

I’m standing here watching

You walk around the bend

My heart stops beating

When I see you again

I’m waiting to run

Into your open arms

Hoping that you’re not

Immune to all my charms

Waiting and hoping

That you won’t turn away

Hoping and praying

That you’ll be here to stay

I’m begging you please

Please stay here with me

Hold me and touch me

The way that it should be

Wipe all the tears away

Make everything ok

I’m wanting to run to you

With arms open wide

But I am afraid that

You’ll turn away and hide

So I stand here hoping

Hoping with all of my might

That you will come running

Wanting to hold me tight

I need you to love me

For all of your life

Please don’t ignore me

Don’t forget that I’m your wife

You are my warrior

My brave and shining Knight

I need you to fight for me

To be my eternal light

Happy to see me

Telling me that its all right

I need the sunshine

That you bring into my life

It’s all that I live for

To see your shining light

This is one of those poems that woke me up in the middle of the night and won’t let me rest until I got it all down. It was still with me in the morning with new verses that I had to add. I don’t remember dreaming it, but I knew the whole background. It’s the story of a couple who has been married for 10 or more years. Unforeseen circumstances caused them to spend a few months apart. An unresolved conflict brought a rift in their marriage and they began to drift apart. Hurtful words and extended silences eroded their marriage further until they started to become strangers. As the fighting intensified, thoughts of divorce crept in. Finally someone mentioned the “D” word out loud. It was a shocking moment. Neither of them really wanted to go there, but could they heal? Now as they are about to see each other for the first time in months, both are feeling vulnerable and nervous. Each is unsure of the welcome they will receive from the other. As we eavesdrop on their thoughts, it is the wife who is waiting on the plane as it taxis to a stop, her thoughts are in the column on the right. The husband is waiting in the open air terminal, his thoughts are on the left. I picture her flying in on a company jet into a small, private airport. There is a bit of a drizzle under a grey sky.

This came to me as a song, and I find that I can’t think about it or read it without hearing the music in my head. I hope you can hear the music too; otherwise I’m not sure it’s very good. Thank you for reading!

Can anyone hear the music?

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If so, what kind of music do you hear?

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