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Here's My Heart

Updated on November 23, 2011

Crazy Love

My heart is dying steadliy

The beats are getting weak.

Do you hear it? Do you see it?

What was there just isn't now.

My heart, the hopes, the joy, tears,

The memories, the craziness, the love that's always there

I don't know what had happened

And I don't know what we did.

My heart is dying, bleeding, crying...

God please tell me what went wrong?

The hopes, the dreams we had and made

What happened, why they failed?

Why did we let the things in life

Destroy the trust we had before?

And as I lie in bed and cry,

My tears they turn to blood.

Because the tears come from a heart

Which broke and bled to death.

and if I never tell you anything again at all

I just want you to see the tears and tell you why they fall.

and if I ever hope again, I know I'd hoped for more.

And if I ever feel again, it won't be as before.

I've lost my soul, my heart, my everything and now I die.

The fighting, angry, fearful mask I wore has fallen down.

Exposed, and bleeding, loving, dying, here I am. It's me.

My heart cries love, my tears speak shame--my eyes meet only yours.

The wall is down, my heart is open, broken, unashamed.

My love for you is pouring out the cracks which crying made.

i can't hold back the pain, regret, the shame and utter fear...

The fighting, bickering, and sadness?--wasted. Wasted years!

These tears? we never had to cry...

That pain? we never had to feel

Those fights? we never had to have...

They could have never been.

So why we wasted precious hours fighting in our pain?

And why we chose to bicker over things we couldn't change?

And where would we still be right now if we had chosen peace

And what could we have done if we had never lost our trust?

If I had learned to see the happiness behind the fear

If I had broken down the wall and let my heart be free

If I had simply let you love me, never asked you why...

Then maybe as I'm lying here, my heart would not have died.

Please feel my heart, please see my'll know it's me in there.

The girl I've always been but was too scared to let her show.

The girl who'd die to see you live, who'd never make you cry.

The girl that loves you more than you could ever, ever know

And if you choose to never say a word to me again,

I hope that all my words, unspoken, somehow reach your heart.

Because our love speaks deeper, greater things than letters could,

transcends all space, or time, or even reason...crazy love.

I love you.


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    • Johnjfernando profile image

      jkchandra 6 years ago

      You have a very beautiful poem that is written from the heart. I'm trying to practice poetry so I can write a poem like this as I too can relate to you and how you feel. Voted Up.

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      What an outpouring of emotion. My love poems tend to tell a story instead.

    • AshtonFirefly profile image

      AshtonFirefly 6 years ago

      Thank you, all :)

    • Disappearinghead profile image

      Disappearinghead 6 years ago from Wales, UK

      I don't really know what to say; I don't really appreciate poetry as I'm far too shallow a man. But I can see what you have written is from the heart and it is beautiful, though I cannot relate to what to you have written.

      Voted up.

    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 6 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      Yes very much loss and sorrow! Very well felt! :)

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Very deep and sorrowful. Expressing helps to heal the wounds of such loss. You are so right love and emotions do indeed transcend space in time.

    • AshtonFirefly profile image

      AshtonFirefly 6 years ago

      Thanks Ardie :)

    • Ardie profile image

      Sondra 6 years ago from Neverland

      Such sadness pours from your words. I hope you feel better having written down your feelings instead of letting them fester inside.