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Hey, Girlfriend

Updated on March 7, 2011
Say What?
Say What? | Source

Seems the rivalry finally came to a head at the company Christmas party.

Tiresiana-Rubychelia Jones, our Divisional Executive Vice-President for Human Resources and Interpersonal Development Services, had just arrived at the Sauterne Club with her escort. Glancing across the dance floor, she happened to spot Quantyce Fureé Mayhew, Regional Manager for Governmental Liaison and Trade Compliance Regulations Oversight, wearing not only the exact same dress, but the identical hair-do and earrings, as well!

The band’s in-progress chorus of ‘Celebrate’ came to an abrupt halt, as a strident shriek of “Say what?” rang out across the polished marble floor.

Within moments, stunned fellow guests were struggling to remove a cigarette holder from poor Ms. Mayhew, while the instigating Ms. Jones was applying duct-tape to her split skirt, and attempting to return her coiffure to some semblance of symmetry. Meanwhile, several bystanders and bydancers, bloodied by sharply-pointed bosoms thrashing about in the meleé, tended their wounds.

We hope our spring formal is just as much fun!


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