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Hieroglyphic Misfits

Updated on August 21, 2015

ATliens message, let's sit...

& listen, 3:49 as the time begins to shine, peace that's it',

Now hear the story & watch the skit,

Feel the persuit inside, search- never quit,

19... Yes, let's, hit it-,

East point... Star shine bright, way up high, you can't deny, pave a path... Grip tight, don't slip,

Sip quick it's hot, shit...

Throw fit's...

Grow tips...

Squeeze titts,

Squish fish lips miss priss, only cause you insist,

Stupid isn't it...

Well lets continue on rambling along through this mysterious song, earth we're fond- A home... Ding dong, it's almost gone... Cummon we can change this deranged frame of mind like James bond... Hollywood shine 007, slick,

Sick... Spy eyes hidden in disquise, so don't even try to decipher Y... Cryptic tricks banded by venomous spit, tic

Toc, picking the lock, or key me to bee free... Indeed it seems like a disease, probably carried by fleas, or maybe it's riding on a mosquitoes knee's, prick

Blood drips, pooling dips... Swim, walk don't slip, into unconsciousness concisely, really- holy shit, Batman must bee a fan, swish

I almost missed out swimming with the squids, ink blinks away into the drink... Think- yea that's the point, penned crisp,

Like a lemmings lisp... Shish,

Not even a word dumbshit- ish,

Made up pretend friend, a story about a song in the movie, based off a book that was lost for eternity only to be found by a hounds clown, whoof bozos dodos, its the food dish,

Can't believe it- How, you are what you eat, & food for your mind has the same type of rhyme? Wish,

List's upon list's pile up beneath my fists, shoveling grits signaling clear, piss

Off, hydrating, contemplating, waiting... Know miss,

Fit, hieroglyphic...


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