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High Roller, Rock and Roller

Updated on May 4, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Jesse Lopez(Jerlin Leroy) Is A Poet and a Artist of the drawing and painting kind. He's also a entrepreneur/ A man with many hustles.

Art 1


Verse 1

Ain't no baby in a stroller

I don't think you want to roll the dice I don't think it's wise

I'll grab a gun and shoot you

Right up under the sun, Starship Trooper

Watch as I tighten this Ropa

killing them leaving them slumped ova

Rhyme till you think it's over

Oh Shit Jenny got a gun, It's game over

It gets wicked for fun

Look at his teeth they shiny, I'll still whoop his hiney

Why you keep Whining

Can't you tell i'm fed up

Waiting for the call,cause it's time to re up

Started off small,Graduated, No time to pause

Open one's eyes, There's no time to mourn

Hoping I make it home to early morn

Mind keeps wandering

Stuck in the past, With no time for the future

Living in the present, Isn't life supposed to be a present .....

Art 2


Art 3


Art 4


Verse 2

Since day one I knew I had a mission

A plan of everybody getting paid

At least until the raid, No one ever makes it to the shade

Shady as it goes the cons and the pros

Fucking with them hoes, they only wanting more

Envy hits ya, Man i'll see you later

Keep lying to yourself, That's greater

Misfortunes always clouding minds

It's always shooting first and never thinking twice

That's just how it goes, souls being sold

Take it gotta keep a hold

Watch out cause i'm getting to bold

Hasty, Watching hoes dance in pasties

Grinding till I see the benz

Don't try to save me, I just wanna reign

Fuck it up get tossed in the rain

Forgetting all the pain

They'll never think i'm sane

A whole oz to the brain

Just some killas Maken Stangz ......

Art 5


Short But Fire !

© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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