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High School Dating; not for the Weak

Updated on February 13, 2015


He approached the 'target',
Angela Denova, as if she was
a military objective.

First came surveillance.

He had to learn
a)if she had a boyfriend(s),
b)if she was dating,
c) what her interests were,
d)if asked on a date, the
likelihood she would say yes.

And he had to do all this clandestinely so he wouldn't appear a total dork.

Mission 1

It took him three days to satisfy this first 'objective'.

She didn't have a boyfriend, she wasn't one of those girls who had chosen not
to date in High School, and she had a number of interests, many which, (as he
suspected) coincided with his.

He must use one of those interests as the Date Purpose to make her
agreement more likely.

Having completed the first Mission, now came the encounters.


He had to set up a number of chance
encounters so that she'd see him,
face to face, but 'accidentally'.

If there were enough 'coincidental'
meetings the possibility of a
conversation would be increased.

He had Angela's class schedule memorised. He could be in
proximity when she left Math class, when she was going to
Social Studies and when she was leaving Midwood High School.

The first three eye to eyes had to pass without a remark from his side so
it would not occur to her that he'd deliberately set up the encounter.
She could not know, not even imagine that he'd run from the Science Lab to her
classroom to be in the hall in front of her.

He did two close encounters on Tuesday, two on Wednesday.
By Thursday he could make a familiar smile, as if they knew each other.

Close Encounters have to appear accidental to be useful and avoid the
trite 'crashing into target so she drops her books' drama.

Encounters must seem 'oblivious', as if he didn't see her as he
was walking into the classroom, then a sidestep.
The second must be a 'walk by' without recognition.
The third can have that confused glance, as if to say,
'Don't I know you from some place?' but saying nothing.
The fourth could have a toss away smile.
The fifth was that special smile as if they knew each other.

This meant that the next encounter required him to speak.


He wasn't ready on Friday so avoided encounters, thinking to give it another two accidents on Monday.

He did rehearse his line...."Hi..." needing to sound sensual, casual, cool, and attracted.

He spent a lot of time hiding in the tree in his backyard to get the perfect pitch.

On Monday he did another close encounter before lunch, and his 'Hi', after lunch.

He repeated his 'Hi' Tuesday morning and got a return 'hi' as he expected.

The Cafeteria Caper

He cut English Class so as to run into her in the cafeteria. He got into the line right in front of her, and said, "We have to stop meeting like this", in his special voice.

She responded with a smile.

If she had ignored him, barked 'what', or made one of those faces, he'd give up the mission. He'd known the danger of the Cafeteria Caper, before launch, but having spent nearly three weeks on his mission, that was all the time he had allotted himself for this 'target'.

He said his line and She smiled.

He was able to sit with her during the lunch break, where he casually inserted a number of her interests. She didn't know how much research had gone the presentation thinking he spoke extemporeanously, not from a 'script.'

That evening he walked with her to the bus stop as if his homeward bound path was a few blocks beyond, not that he had gone way out of his route.

On Wednesday he cut his Social Studies class to be with her in the Cafeteria. He asked her out for Saturday Night to a particular movie he knew she wanted to see.

She said yes.

Mission Accomplished!


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