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Highland Joy

Updated on November 12, 2015

Awe inspiring drive.

going through the highlands is amazing,the only thing about driving is you miss much of the scenery,it's better to be a passenger,then you get to fully appreciate the wonderful sights right in front of you.

Holiday time,I couldn't wait

peace and solitude,just sounds great

me and my family,went up to bliss

in a beautiful lodge,I glad I didn't miss

the views were inspiring,the weather wasn't great

still enjoyed the views,it was almost like fate

we relaxed all week,we just chilled and did zero

highland home,just became my hero.

i could see the mountains,no internet to be had

my family were tech deprived,can't say I wasn't glad.

went for long walks,down to the Loch

no pressure at all,all we did was talk.

kids were a bit bored,they might not go back

i would definitely return,just pack my rucksack

one hours drive away from my house

for once I felt as small as a mouse.

in the shadow of mountains as far as I could see

the ideal world,a vision to me

i would live there in a flash,I'd move next day

i would settle in the quiet,it would so suit me.

never any stress,I felt my tension melt

my family seen the difference,my mood they felt.

if I get a chance,I would book it tomorrow

a repeat holiday,even if I had to borrow.

to return to my second home,chill for a week

id never need to search for the happiness I seek.

Our amazing accommodation third picture down.


Loch Goilhead

This is the area known as Loch Goilhead,it's so beautiful.we have now been there a few's worth even going up past it for a drive,the scenery is a sight to behold. It's not too far away,your deep in this area with only a 45 minute drive from Glasgow. That's one of the benefits of being in a small country, most sights are within a drive away,you only need to drive in Scotland for thirty minutes to see some beautiful sights in any direction.

If you suffer from stress,I can highly recommend this holiday destination.I live quite a stressful life,when I arrive in the campsite,I feel the stress go very quickly.It's an amazing ferling,like natures tranquilliser ,I feel immediately happier when I know I am going there,and even better when I arrive.


The drive to the cabin.

This was the road we took to get to our holiday,even though the weather was pretty dull and wet,it's still a beautiful drive.Clouds didn't spoil our enjoyment of the journey. The road up there can be a bit hair raising at times,due to the roads being very tight to drive on,even worse when we have snow as we found out on this holiday. We could have been snowed in,but thankfully the snow disappeared.But,I can think of worse places to be stranded,I would have been quite happy being snowed in.

Morning view.

the first morning after waking I looked out of my cabin window to see the amazing mountain standing to prevalent in the distance.the view was quite breathtaking,it made me stand silent for a small time. I just wanted to stay and watch them all day,unfortunately I was on breakfast duties to perform. And I was the cook of choice.

but the good thing was,I had six more mornings to see the same view about being spoiled. It's a wonderful place to holiday,I will holiday there many many times more.i can't recommend it highly enough.

Breathtaking every day.


Weather can be chilly.

the weather was quite cold on this visit,morning time brought crisp fresh sunshine.late afternoon brought showers and the inevitable cold,but it in no way distracts you from the views and the holiday itself.its one of the only holidays I've been on where I can genuinely say the weather doesn't affect your enjoyment at all.its not often you can say this about any holiday.its worth every penny to book it,but it is not cheap.depending on when you go it can be quite expensive,but definitely worth it.go out of season as there are great deals to be had.

Loch Lomond followed.

Not far from this wonderful place ,we had a weekend down in Loch Lomond. It was roughly a half hour drive from Loch Goilhead. Loch Lomonds views are equally spectacular as Loch Goilhead. The Loch is huge,we drove for many miles and still never reached the it's widest point it is five miles. It's a huge Loch,one of the biggest around. We stayed at a caravan park in a very nice caravan.the staff and other people on site were extremely helpful and polite. Loch Lomond site is in its infancy,it has just been bought by Argyll Holidays,so there's not much on site. As we left last week the workmen arrived to relay roads and other areas of the camp. Next time we go,it might be more busy.

Hard choices.

Both camps are amazing,I find myself in a bind now.both places were equally enjoyable,boty were spectacular in their own way. I think I should go to both one after another till I can make up my mind. It seems to be the best solution there,and I don't have to pick a favourite.

we always went abroad up till a few years ago,now I genuinely believe holidays at home are equally as good as going abroad.


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