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His Raggedy Ann

Updated on November 12, 2010

 Have you ever had a perfectly good life, or day even?  You've had an uneventful calm content mood and there's nothing to complain about.  Then you realize you're crying uncontrollably and the walls are closing in.  Your world just crashed down on your head. 

A little over dramatic you think, but really, you have every reason to cry. 

You love like it's the only thing in the world you know how to do.  You get hurt, left, broken, because you just keep putting your heart out there.  there isn't anyone that can understand why you keep putting the pieces back together.  Not even you.  But you'll always rebuild.  You'll always love him, and him, and him.  All the heartbreakers who failed to make you fall apart, you have undying love for.  

And why? 

Because at one point in time they both wanted and needed a lot of love like yours.  Then once they didn't need it anymore, they didn't want it either and tossed you aside like Raggedy Ann and Andy.  But you don't regret giving them all the love you had then because when someone else needs it you'll make more. 

It doesn't matter that he plagues your thoughts for a while because you just can't understand why he doesn't want to love you too.  You forgive him for that and wish him the best.  And that is another thing only you'll ever understand. You know why you give all of you to someone, let them take it, throw it back in your face when they're done, and then forgive them and still continue to love again. 

To you, it's worth every tear, every minute you suffer, and every happy memory even if they only last for a moment.


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    • Huey19 profile image

      Amy 7 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you Literature Fairy, i love your hubs!

    • Literature Fairy profile image

      Holly Jackson 7 years ago from England, UK.

      This reminds me so much of something i went through with a boy when i was younger. Beautiful. x

    • Huey19 profile image

      Amy 7 years ago from Chicago

      Karen, thanks so much for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed this piece.

    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 7 years ago from Midwest

      There are so many truths in this. You are right, we love even through the pain and still come out on the other side with something gained or learned. Great writing!