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His Toxic Love

Updated on May 15, 2020
LoataMoala88 profile image

My name is Loata Moala 32 years old Mother of 4beautiful children 3 boys 1girl I love you guys so much my 4heart beats writing is my passion

Toxic Love

Now women, Theres a big
differenceWhen you say You his rida
for life Stop making excuses for
himWhen you gave himA million chances
to act right I don't think you
realizeYou breaking your own
heartEvery time you take him backHis
broken promises tearing you apartYou honestly
fighting aloneWith no reply
backIgnores your calls Bitch in his
voicemailAsking where you at Another
night hes left you alone He apologizes over and
overYou love him so you stay But
after fighting for him so longDoesn't it
drain all your energy awayIs it really worth all
those tearsYou crying every
nightAnother black eyeBecause you
caught him in lies Over what a bitch
said She been wit him this whole
timeHe may got her pregnantYet you
still willingTo stand by his side I
know you love him girl But he aint gonna
changebringing a baby in Is no
differentCuz if he ain't ready to settle
downYou will always be just another
optionHe a man with a mind set of a
boyGirl you will never be enoughCuz
he'll always have another bitchAuditioning
for ya spot But look at all your
actionsYou cant blame him for all the
painYou knew for so long how he wasAnd
made achoice with every chance you gave What
happened to us women We so much more stronger
than thisThan to let these men Abuse
degrade and hurt us Til we got nothing in us
left Apologize for no reasonBlame
ourselvesFor every bruise or black
eyeAlways trying to find an excuseCuz
he promised it was the last timeJust listen to me
girl hear me outIs it really worth all that
painTrust me i been there. I know how
hard it is to walk awayYou do all you
can Fighting this warFighting for him
every single dayAlthough everyone is right about
himHe got your heart so you stay You
trip off everyone opinionCuz they not in your
shoesTo understand the love yall
got And everything yall been thruI
know you don't wanna be aloneOr start over
with someone newYou just want him to act
rightBack to the man you gaveYour
heart too But you cant changeThe man
with a mindset of a boyWho sees no wrong in his
waysUntil the day he choose to Be a
man and commitHe'll break every woman that
comes his way...

Loata Moala


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