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His Treat

Updated on November 7, 2012

His Treat

Like dangling crystals hidden inside pink lacey images, barely seen, wet to the touch, smelling of Vermillion and Lavender, carefully scented in cotton candy, it was a treat for his long fingers, dipping them inside her like strawberries in a warm fondue, meticulous and measured, raising them up to his mouth knowing she loves this. He does this for her. He pays close attention. She loves this about him, the way he stalks her, the way he watches her every move, reading into her words and remembering all the secrets she hides between each verse.

She can not escape the green in his eyes, the way they look at her, telling her the same story of a desperate, tortured sorrow only she can read while his lips push the letters out one at a time through a restless graying beard his beautiful eyes do not seem to recognize. Those lips, peeking through an armor of red sky, call her name every night through his dreams. She hears him and lets out a faint whisper, "I love you so..."

She knows he listens and tries to sleep but each waking day, the sun with sharp edged rays quietly stabs her with grim reminders of how the night has left her alone yet again.

He is a kaleidoscope, full of light, fear and love, unaware of the colors she sees, taken back by this love she feels, unprepared for the lengths she will go to find him, to be with him...complete and utter surrender to the potency that is he, and the volatile chemistry that possesses them when they are alone together.

Life or matters not. In one place or the other, they find a place to be and there he has his treat.


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