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His wonders to perform

Updated on June 26, 2015

Ben's only desire in life was for a male child, he loved all his seven daughters and provided them the best care a father could give his children but hungered for a male child. So many people advised him to take another wife since his wife could not produce a male child but he is not polygamous.

His wife prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed, she met so many men of God in her quest for a male child and all assured her that she will deliver a male child but she ended up delivering female children, there was a prophesy during her last pregnancy that it was going to be a bouncing baby boy but it turned out the opposite.

She at a time succumbed to advising Ben to get another wife because to her, she can't give him a male child and the complication she suffered during the birth of their last daughter puts her off getting pregnant again as doctors advised. They obliged to the Doctor's advise but failed to abstain then she conceived. The doctor had warned that chances of death if she get pregnant again is 80% so she decided to abort the pregnancy.

Ben wanted her safe but felt more for his unborn child, to him it is injustice, he argued that the baby deserved a chance to live but his wife considered her health and life top priority, this situation created a pandemonium in their happy home and while disputing whether to abort or keep the pregnancy time also passed and now its her fifth month and by now,Ben has also seen reasons why there should be an abortion.

It was no longer the usual take a pill and flush it out rather a surgery is needed to remove the baby from the womb, scan confirmed a baby boy and the family was thrown into confusion. They needed a male child at all cost so Ben's wife decided to keep the pregnancy with 20% chance of living after delivery. Ben argued that if surgery could remove the baby at five months and keep his wife alive then the same surgery could still bring the baby to life at nine months and still keep his wife alive.

Ben turned a prayer warrior, the family embarked on total surrender to God Almighty as regular fasting became their everyday life. Doctor confirmed the danger ahead but Ben's wife had made up her life to die so far the baby who she already named Obinna will live. Her due date was the 27th of March but on the 5th of March, she woke up to a poll of blood and the family was thrown into shock before the ambulance arrived to rush her to the hospital.

No one could say how it happened but the baby was alive and his Mother in good shape after self delivery. The birth of Obinna confirmed the prophesy she received immediately after her wedding 40 years ago, it was prophesied that she will deliver a baby boy who will grow up to become a prominent Judge and although that prophecy died some time but Barrister Obinna Okechukwu Godwin Obianozie has not only proved it to be true but as well proved two vital things about us as humans; that God moves in a mysterious way and his wonders to perform and also the greatest gift for mankind; MOTHER'S SACRIFICE.


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