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Hit and Run by Norah Mc Clintock - Book Review

Updated on April 18, 2012

What is Hit And Run about?

Mike lost his mother at the age of 11, in a hit and run case. When things take a turn for the questionable, he starts to wonder about his mother’s case. With the help of Riel, an ex-cop, Mike starts to uncover things that he shouldn’t really know and it leads him into lots of trouble ...

This is the cover of Hit and Run by Norah McClintock
This is the cover of Hit and Run by Norah McClintock

Quick Summary

Mike’s mother passed away 4 years ago, back when Mike was only 11. Now he’s 15 and he’s curious of how it really happened, he knows it was a hit and run, but what he doesn’t get is why the person just disappeared...

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What is Hit and Run Like?

Hit and Run by Norah McClintock can best be described as a fascinating and captivating start to a mystery. Mike searches for the answers to the Hit and Run that killed his mother, and throughout the whole series after this continues on a journey for his life. Though he finds himself in some difficult and dangerous situations, he can usually figure out a way out of them. Mike is such a well developed character that the reader constantly wants to know more about his life.

Who is this for?

This is for everyone who loves mysteries, I also recommend the other books in the “Mike and Riel” series, they are all great mysteries. Norah McClintock is surely an extravagant and talented writer, to be able to write such a miraculous mystery.


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    • profile image

      KK 4 years ago

      Where does this story take place?

    • profile image

      mellisa 5 years ago

      eh okay had to read it for a school book report :P

    • profile image

      pilar 6 years ago

      so great book

    • profile image

      Pier-Luc 6 years ago

      I've liked this book, I've read it in the 10th grade, and I couldn't let the book go, I read it in 3hours XD.

      Mikes really hard headed. Going that far to find out who killed his mother on his own. I'd have to say, the second book is GREAT!!.. I wish there would be more than 2books.

      If it would never end.

    • profile image

      Not going to say 7 years ago

      This book was so awesome. I loved it and I recommend you read this book! One of my favorites :D

    • profile image

      Different Me 7 years ago

      I didn't read this or truth and lies. I skipped right to Dead and Gone. Great book.

    • profile image

      sara 7 years ago

      I really loved this book

    • profile image

      Me 7 years ago

      ^^^ Dan & Lew

    • profile image

      laura 7 years ago

      who killed mikes mom ?

    • profile image

      Caitlin 7 years ago

      What is the order or the Robyn Hunter series?

      P.S. You are my FAVOURITE author EVER!


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