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Hitler Love: The Story of Helmut & Kadia

Updated on February 5, 2012

A Great Read for only $3.00!

Hitler Love is a new ebook available on ($3.00) or Links are listed at end. There has been few readers (including myself) who could not put the book down. The first 10-20 pages are "shock & awe", in that, the vivid descriptions and actions make the page come alive in a very concise, direct style. What Kadia must endure, in order to survive war, makes one speechless and what is worse, what Kadia goes through really did happen to many women in that time, specifically, it is loosely based on memoirs of women during Berlin's final days and afterwards.

One might say, it is love among the ruins, because it is in the decimated ruins of Berlin, April, 1945, where three people come together in error, each seeking refuge, and become a "family", Helmut, the fleeing German soldier who knows it is all lost, Kadia, a Jew, who is THE sole survivor of an SS atrocity (that historically did happen), and an orphaned boy, whose mother drowns when Hitler floods the subways, and Kadia saves.

The dialogue pops out most of the time and the reader knows the personalities of the two main characters. Yet, the reader is always wondering, where is this story going? Just know, this is not a common romance-love story and what seems obvious is usually deceptive. This is true up until the very end of the book (do not peek!!). I can see this ebook as a great movie.

Even after the war is over, struggling in Berlin for the family is another sort of battle that comprise of some unbelievable things humans do just to live another day. Yet, the family has hope and as time moves onward, they immigrate to America for that better life and yet continue to be faced with hardships. The characters are all seeking to find out what their real purpose in life is. Love is fine, but life has a lot more to it. Kadia finds out her purpose in a surreal manner stemming from tragedy. She is not sure what to make of it and forgets about it until time passes and another fluke event happens to put her on the correct "life path". Once on it, things are easier. Helmut is a man content with modest success and stuck in his ways. His contentment with his life is deceiving, work and family, house and car.

In life, events sometimes happen for a reason that is not apparent immediately, sometimes, they are just random. In Hitler Love, the story revolves around Helmut and Kadia, each character moves in unison, as one, during the early years and by the 1950s, their paths are separating. The characters are changing, yet, once again, an event happens when Kadia is an attorney that utterly shocks her-bringing Kadia and Helmut together again-this time, in the courtroom, and she is the prosecuting attorney!

Once the issue is resolved and things are "normal", Kadia is confronted yet again with information from "out of the blue", now, once again the two characters go back into court to correct the error and set Helmut free. The man she still loves, but in a far different way than the early days.

By now, you are close to the end of the book, yet, there remains, in typical "Hitchcock" fashion, a few more tear jerking events for Kadia and her daughter, Heather.

Like I said, if you buy this ebook, DO NOT READ THE ENDING!


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago


    • poetvix profile image


      6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      Well, you sure sold it. Now I have to read! Great job of introducing something that's not on every shelf.


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