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Hold On To What You Have

Updated on March 9, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


1. When the unexpected happens

You will have to

Make do with what

Is on thee lest

You lose out flatly

2. These short words shed

More light on this

As it happened within

The rats phylum within

Animal kingdom years ago

3. Small rats have gathered

Together to discuss on

What to do so

That they won’t be

Annihilated by their predators

4. Several suggestions have been

Proffered while on the

Gathering, eventually they all

Agreed that they need

To fortify their territory

5. They analyzed the work

And discovered that it

Would take a whole

Day if they give

The work all it takes

6. They agreed to do

Division of labor to

Allow for easiness and

Smoothness of the work

So that it be completed


7. Since the work would

Be 24 hours, of

Complete focus and concentration

They agreed that some

Would be cooking for them

8. Among their resolutions, all

The cooking team would

Lend helping hand in

The morning before resorting

To their department later

9. They are expected to

Eat something before coming

And should come with

Food stuff too which

Comprise of cereals and beans

10. All went well and

They were rapidly working

Because they want to

Put an end to

Ceaseless killings among them

11. Because they would not

Get home before eating

They all gave their

Hearts to the work

To finish the work earlier

12. Expectedly those at kitchen

Also add to their

Efforts so that when

The workforce finished they

Foods would be ready for ‘em


13. Those at kitchen finished

The preparation few minutes

Before the workers finished

They were about informing

Them that food is ready

14. When they saw them

Washing the utensils used

They were all happy

That everything works to

Plan they didn’t disappoint them

15. All of them gathered

At the hall to

Eat their meals. All

Of them were served

Guinea corn meal to await supplement

16. As the chef was

About to be serving

The supplement stew made

From beans it heard

Something like water poured on it

17. The chef looked up

What it sees shocked it

For the smelling rat

Was yet to come

Down from the top

18. Not knowing where the

Chef kept the stew

It decides to urinate

And its urine were

Fallen into the supplemented stew

19. “This is nonsense and

Nonsensical “the chef uttered

Returning to the hall

To break the news

Of the development to them

20. “There may be a

Problem”, it started “because

Smelling rat has polluted

The stew its better

Each makes do with what’s on hand

21. They were sad, some

Furiously arose to kill

The smelling rat but

It was long gone

Thus the stew couldn’t be eaten

22. They were discomfited, sad

Disappointed by the development

Each left the hall

Without talking to another

That marked end of their unity.



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