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Home ~ Short story fiction

Updated on September 27, 2012
Acrylic on canvas by EclecticFusion
Acrylic on canvas by EclecticFusion
My mother also known as Patsy to her childhood friends. Her best friend and sister was a little red-haired girl named Shirley. They are together in Heaven.
My mother also known as Patsy to her childhood friends. Her best friend and sister was a little red-haired girl named Shirley. They are together in Heaven.


In her dream, she smelled roses, dozens of them. She smiled in her sleep and opened her eyes to the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. Blue, purple, yellow, and orange - all the colors of the rainbow filled her sight while the aroma delighted her nose.

After a few minutes of enjoying the view, she realized she was sitting on the ground. The softest, greenest grass made for the most comfortable spot she had ever rested. She had the desire to roll around on the warm blanket of green, but she realized that she had no idea where she was.

Her first thought was that she was still asleep, but she had never experienced such vividness before. Her surroundings so bright and the air so perfect.

She rose and began to walk. White shiny slippers, trimmed in silver, caught her eye. A quizzical look crossed her face. She had no idea who they belonged to, but would definitely have to find out where they got them because they felt like magic slippers! Almost like walking on air!

The path stretched out before her. A smooth dirt path bordered by white and yellow daisies. She started on her adventure to find someone - anyone.

After walking fifteen minutes or so and finding no one, she felt she should be worried, but her mood remained unchanged. Just as buoyant and light as it was when she awoke.

A happy bark startled her and made her look to the right. A rolling field of wheat almost hypnotized her for a second, but the bounding black dog brought her back around.

The happiest, jolliest dog ran straight for her with no signs of stopping. Side stepping, she tried to get out of the way, but the huge thing lunged and landed on top of her as they both fell to the ground.

Instantly she was covered in wet, sloppy dog kisses. The dog whimpered before each kiss was given. This was easiest the most excited dog she had ever seen. She felt something familiar about the dog, but quickly dismissed it. The dog, however, was still acting as if it knew her. Rolling over on its back, she could now see that this was a girl dog. The name Mo flashed in her mind and she remembered that she once had a dog like this. She called her MoMo and it had broken her heart when she had died.

This looked like MoMo, but she had been gone for years and years. She shook her head and tried to clear her thoughts as the big dog continued to roll around on its back. Panting and waiting for belly rubs that wouldn’t come because a new distraction was up ahead in the distance.

The sounds of children playing filled the air. So joyous was the laughter, she smiled to herself and ran towards the delightful noise. The big dog bounded close behind.

After a few yards, she spotted the children playing dodgeball, baseball, hopscotch and various other games kids find to occupy their time. A little blonde girl ran up to her and spoke.

“Hi! My name is Patsy. Would you like to be on my team?”

As the little girl beamed and waited for her answer, she suddenly felt years younger and lighter than air.

Patsy grabbed her hand and off they went. Hand-in-hand, the two new friends ran across the green carpet of grass.

A group of friends gathered to meet her. Patsy introduced them one by one. The last one was a curly redhead named Shirley and she could tell that Patsy favored her the most. They were very close friends and might even be sisters.

The children played for hours. She beat Patsy in two games of hopscotch and Patsy smiled even as she lost. This child had no care in the world and her smile never wavered as they played.

As the sun set in the afternoon sky, Patsy and Shirley told her they had to go get ready for dinner. They said they would see her later. She had no idea where they were going, but she felt like she would definitely be seeing them again.

Continuing on down the dirt path, she was still not sure of her destination, but she was being pulled by an unseen force. As luck would have it, that unseen force was also leading her to some delicious smells. Her stomach rumbled its approval and the big dog licked its mouth as it ran on ahead of her.

The setting sun filled the sky with streaks of red, orange, and pink. She hoped she made her next destination soon because the dark didn’t appeal to her at the moment. She was not scared, and even though she was alone, she felt warm arms around her.

The dark did come and she walked a little faster as it did. The chill at her back as the sun disappeared was quickly replaced with warmth and determination. Her confidence returned and a calm quieted her nerves.

As she crested a hill, she spotted warm inviting lanterns along the path up ahead. A golden glow urged her on.

A mile along the lantern lit path, she spotted a brick wall with a black iron gate. The gate opened just as she reached for it and she stopped to take a look around.

Yellow roses lined the neat little path she was sure she was supposed to follow. The scent was heavenly and it almost made her think of someone, but just as she reached for the memory, it vanished.

Around and around the rose path went and just as she thought she would be trapped in this maze forever, a house appeared on the hill.

She heard her name on the air as excited shapes ran to the windows and doors. She felt welcome here and a bit special, but surely this party was not meant for her.

The murmur quieted down as she made her way to the walk. A shadowy form appeared in the doorway. She could tell the person was female and she felt this person was also very important to her at one time.

She took the first step as the shadow stood still. Images danced in her mind. A baby girl with platinum hair being rocked in an old bassinet.

The next step brought thoughts of tiny red sneakers and a fat pink doll. A giggling little girl playing in the sun with a kite.

Three steps up and the sullen teenager appeared in her mind. Misunderstood and all alone, she spoke to a kind heart as a hand wiped her tears.

A grown woman is now in her mind’s eye. Blonde and shy, she smiles and giggles. Another voice laughs but the face is just out of view.

The final step before the porch, she feels her heart break and sink. The images she sees are hard to bear as her own face appears. A sad face. A tearful face. Her soul is weeping as she walks towards the casket.

Just as she is about to relive the most heart-wrenching moment in her life, the images vanish and a hand reaches for her.

The hand belongs to the shadow. The shadow belongs to her mother. They walk hand-in-hand towards the door where the party is about to start. Her party.

No more heartache.

No more pain.

She is home.

©LMY 9.27.2012


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    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      You have a vivid imagination!

    • EclecticFusion profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Gypsy, thank you for the comment and votes! Hope and faith keep me going and I could write a novel on what I want to find after entering this house. One day, I might just expand on this!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. Such a wonderful story. I sure hope that at the end all of our starry paths will lead us to such wonderful meeting with loved ones again. I followed along with you and loved every moment. Your mom was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Passing this on.

    • EclecticFusion profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Faith Reaper, that is such a flattering comment! Thank you so much! You just made my night! =) I believe we all are blessed with certain talents and it's just up to us to develop them. I'll always work on improving what He gave me!

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      Hi Lisa,

      This write touches one so sweetly and pulls at the heart strings greatly! You are truly an awesome writer. Your writing takes one right there. The photo of your mother is so beautiful, as one can just see her lovely spirit. As far as your art, just amazingly beautiful dear one! You are gifted in so many areas. How wonderful! Voted Way Up God bless you. In His Love, Faith Reaper