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Honorable Lord Jesus "It is All about You" (Poem)

Updated on March 2, 2014

Honorable Lord Jesus,

it is all about You!

I come before You

O God, and Honorable Father,

You loved us so much

to send Your only begotten Son,

It is You who has brought us out

of the world where sin dominates,

It is You who delivered us

from the world system, and

from being a product of its schemes.

We were once servants of sin,

only to obey a cruel and corrupt task master

who ruled us by force and ignorance,

It is You who has redeemed us

back to You completely and totally

we can now experience true freedom,

As you reconcile the world through Christ Jesus

Daily looking only to You

for our portion, and daily bread, and

all which You would have us to know,

drawing us into a closer intimate relationship with You,

Which provides us with more revelation of who You are, and

who we are because of You,

It is You who took us off the streets of

degradation and depravity,

It is You who daily frees us from our self

as an assigned enemy against ourselves,

I give to You my heart,

Make it Your domain,

I want You to reign supreme,

as I sit under Your Word, and be taught by You,

to receive Your instructions for my life,

Lord remove from me anything

You consider a god, or idol

which is demanding my attention other than You,

Anything and everything that is a distraction or hindrance,

so that I may indeed worship you

in a heart to heart relationship,

in living reality, in spirit and in truth,

for You seek such to worship You in this way,

I seek to worship You in this way

it delights You, and I am pleased to delight You,

My desire is to delight You!

Lord teach me how to worship You

in the acceptable manner

that You can always be glorified, and

I can ever be confident in who You are, and

how to rest in You where all peace resides,

Lord You show me what is good, and

what you require of me,

how to do that which is just, and

to walk in love and compassion,

humbly with You my Father, and

how to keep mercy, and judgment,

wait on You continually with consistency, and fervor.

I ask this my prayer in the name of

the Honorable Lord Jesus Christ.


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