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Hope Gone

Updated on October 24, 2013
Hopeless Angel by Michelles Paranormal
Hopeless Angel by Michelles Paranormal | Source
"No Wedding No Womb" - Christelyn Karazin
"No Wedding No Womb" - Christelyn Karazin | Source

by Amber Maccione

In the shadows

My heart becomes hollow

As emotions run dry

From this constant cry

Shattered dreams

And silenced screams

Break our relationship seams.

I am not in your sight

And I cringe at your bite

Memories fade into the distance

And I can’t bear your resistance

Sitting alone

By a never ringing phone

You no longer my own.

Hope no longer exists

Even if I ask God to assist

You’ve made it clear

I am not the one you hold dear

“Move on,” you say.

“It will never be your wedding day.”

Life just turns to grey.

Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved

© 2013 Amber


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    • ambercita04 profile image

      Amber 4 years ago from Winter Park

      There is a moral erosion and unfortunately, I would have to admit that I have contributed to that in some way. After reflection, working on changing my flaws, and seeking out Christ, I am working on reparing my moral compass and praying for the man I love who seems to continue to go down the wrong path.

    • MasculistFeminist profile image

      Ryan 4 years ago from Australia

      Unfortunately it does seem that there is a moral erosion of society at the moment within both genders.

      There are good men out there and good women. There is always hope.

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 4 years ago from Deep South, USA

      I wish you the best, dear, and eventual happiness (with someone else).


    • ambercita04 profile image

      Amber 4 years ago from Winter Park

      We have actually been separated for a year and a half although live together. There was a point in that time period that I did a lot of soul searching and working on myself. And there was a point where I though we were getting back together. But it has actually gotten easier and I have learned what is imporatant. Although there are days that are tough, I push through building myself resume so I can one day move out as well as taking care of my two year old and waiting to pop out my second. Thanks for your words.

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 4 years ago from Deep South, USA

      I can't imagine living in the same house with someone under those conditions. I don't see how you stand it. I know you cited financial constraints as the reason for doing so, and you apparently have a small child to care for. Still, this setup seems cruel to the point of torture for you.

      From my vantage point of 70 years, after three failed marriages (but some successful romantic relationships), I recommend that you search for whatever financial assistance you need to rid yourself of this bum. (Let's tell it like it is, even if it hurts. The sooner you learn to dislike him, the sooner you will recover from the pain of his rejection. I'm not suggesting you hate him, for intense emotion still ties you to this jerk. It's much better when you reach the point of total indifference.)

      Once you can take care of baby and yourself without needing to live under the same roof with a man who is seeing another woman, I hope you will kick him to the curb!

      There is a good man out there somewhere whom you haven't met, but who will be loving and kind to you, as well as being good to your child. I suggest you do some reading or get some therapy that will teach you how to avoid the jerks from now on and find the good ones. They do exist, and life is so much better when you cast your lot with someone worthy of you.

      Best of luck,