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Hope Springs

Updated on December 8, 2014
Hope Springs
Hope Springs

Hopelessness has a place
It resides in Hope Springs
Where the water runs clear
And the birds they do sing

Where the purity creates
And filters the fear
The anger and hate
As we drop all our tears

Into its waters
As they flow from the fountains
Through narrow passes
Past the green mosses

Our tears do make green
The leaves on the trees
The water replenish
As tears we release

And so it begins
At those springs of Hope
When we feel that we're
At the end of our rope

We release our hopelessness
Through our eyes tears
Flowing in with the res
And find we've lost our fears

Our anger and hatred
Changes to love
Our worries and fears
Change to hope from above

May we all find hope springs
And wade in its waters
And guide to those springs
Our sons and our daughters

Our friends in need of comfort
And in need of loving grace
Hope Springs will bring unto them
The healing it creates

May we all find the glorious sign
Welcome to Hope Springs
Where angels dwell and healing winds
And where the birds do sing

Kari Shinal Copyright March 7, 2008

© 2013 Kari Shinal


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