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Online Freelance Writing as a Home-Based Business

Updated on July 19, 2014
Evaluating the perks of freelance writing is an excellent way to get started on a rewarding career.
Evaluating the perks of freelance writing is an excellent way to get started on a rewarding career.

Hopping on the Freelance Writing Bandwagon

Want to earn extra as an online freelance writer? Get to know the facts and stats behind this rapidly growing industry, and find out how you can harness the benefits of working from home.

There is always that attractive come-on that accompanies the term “freelance.” Who wants to work with fixed schedule constraints? Who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of being his or her own boss? With the increasing productivity that the internet delivers, it isn’t a wonder why so many people are pursuing working online. The United States Census Bureau reported that there are about six to seven million Americans working from home. In addition to that, there are various professions that are thriving on the internet, may it be in the communication industry, computer programming, web design, e-commerce, and more. And perhaps one of the most popular online jobs across the World Wide Web today is freelance writing.

In 2009, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that within a decade, the number of workers in the writing profession, both hired and freelance, will significantly increase. This is because along with the advancements in information technology comes the growing need for valuable and relevant content. Since electronic media and data exchange becomes more sophisticated by the minute, there will be more websites, blogs, online newspapers, e-magazines, and other digital publications. How else will the demands be filled but by through the services provided by online freelance writers.

One of the most positive aspects of online writing is that you don’t require a degree in journalism or communication. As a matter of fact, even adept persons can benefit from this freelance profession, regardless of their educational attainment. By adept, it is meant that he or she possesses adequate language skills, can research and organize ideas coherently, and can competently keep up with the changing trends in the online business industry. And of course, among the basics you will need are a computer and an internet connection.

Freelance writing for home-based workers provides other benefits as well. Since you won’t have to commute to an office, travel expenses are eliminated. There is no limitation as to the range of topics that can be written about, and there will be a constant need for content that is fresh, well-composed, and highly informative. In this regard, if an online freelance writer knows where to look, his list of available jobs will never run dry. And of course, one cannot forget the financial rewards reaped from a home-based online business.

Depending on a freelance writer’s productivity, he or she can expect to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per week. Another perk is that writers can be paid electronically, through channels such as PayPal, Moneybookers, e-gold, and more. Thanks to these modern conveniences, payments are instant and secure.

The plus factors of writing online are not reserved for the freelancers only. Even entrepreneurs and owners of larger companies understand how invaluable freelance writing services can be. Many online businessmen seek the aid of online writers to provide info for their site visitors to view. They even require huge bulks or articles, emails, sales letters, advertisements, e-books, and more. In doing so, these firms are able to allot their time and efforts to other aspects of their business, while their paid freelance writers help them get the job done.

Working from home as a writer can be quite a rewarding career, whether it is for stay-at-home moms, retired persons, part-time employees, students, and even people who just want to earn a little extra. If this is something you think you can handle, then you should get started on preparing yourself by being well-informed about the opportunities in freelance writing. Your infinite resources for working and learning are already there on the web. All you have to do is jump in.


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