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Hour of Lock in

Updated on January 29, 2010

Hour of Lock in

 Out of the blue I try to speak

left side numbness and very weak

no words will form or even said

they are locked up inside my head

I try to walk but just fall down

many times glad no one is around

for to see their eyes in panic mode

no comforting words from me can flow

so much this illness has taken from me

now it's stealing from my family

systemic mastocytosis is the name

rare and brutal just the same

Attacking a few organs at a time

leaving me at home to write my rhymes

really just merely explaining

not much good in complaining

but as this illness seemingly progresses

God has strengthened gifts I once questioned

He gave me healing hands to help others that suffer

allows me to communicate with spirits for others

Quite a few out of body experiences

all my gifts are to share of Gods existence

and the place he has in store for us

so peaceful , calm and glorious

God gave me gifts to see for others

being honest and sincere

allowing them hope for issues

at that moment seem unclear

truth be told by a few doctors

I should not be alive

blood test and biopsies

could they not tell a lie?

God not only left me here

showing miracles to me everyday

he left me with instructions

share my gifts along the way

Tell all of Gods love and promise

the tranquility for us one day

lead them to their gifts from him

for then they shall never stray

Feeling this great within his arms

never wanting to create harm

makes for a healthier place to be

until we see eternity


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