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House of Sardonyx

Updated on July 5, 2017

Finding Her Man

Princess Nubiposh is on her way to find Prince Clad. She rides her Human Ant Tank to House of Sardonyx. She joins Alex Jr.'s Team of Sardonyx Humans.

The year is 2059.

Princess Nubiposh thanks the ZionAncientz for the help they've given her. She has laughed a lot, and feels that her depression may be cured. She is officially a Protector of Reso Froth.


The ZionAncientz secretly send Princess Nubiposh to different sectors of House of Sardonyx. They are trying to find out which sectors are doing the most to help the middle class. A strong middle class is what drives a strong economy. A strong economy is what drives a strong nation. A nation is weak if it has a weakened middle class.

She wants to let Prince Clad know she is doing fine.

United Again

The ZionAncientz are trying to get the two of them united again.


The year is 2064.

Alex Jr. is the king of the Southern Kingdom. AJ's territory is called House of Sardonyx.

Oh crap. Shammah wins the battle. AJ is ashamed. House of Sardonyx has been defeated by the Northern Kingdom. How embarrassing.

What year is it?

The year is 2046.

The year is 2066.

Success is encountered.

The year is 2067.

Dr. Gurmanaffe helps destroy Beestmeel Lucifer. Lady Berdiah and Dr. Gurmanaffe are in eternal love.

Bafticomputer Levels that are available are 3 and 400. Hit Control Panel to Enter.

Dr. Gurmanaffe messed up too many destinies.

I am feeling amazing. My Honesty Level is steadily increasing. Now I must fulfill my Destiny and become Eternal.

Quick Ascensions

Will Queen Nubiposh ascend quickly enough to become Eternal?

Who is that weird green guy dude thing?

I am one of the few remaining Pyramid Tower Aliens. I will do my best to stop you, you naughty Queen Nubiposh. Why can't you people just leave us alone in our Pyramid home?

Because you weird Pyramid Tower Aliens have a mission from Satan to send all Humans to Hell. That's why I won't let you breathe.

The story of Queen Nubiposh will be told.

Revelation 22:2. 22:3.

Fighting School of Frothism

Lady Berdiah has taught special defensive fighting moves to certain individuals. This is the fighting school of Frothism. She teaches Queen Nubiposh how to destroy Pyramid Tower Aliens without using firepower. Lady Berdiah is encountering much success in her teaching methods.

We as Christians must walk like Jesus Christ did. We must walk the right path. We must follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Resolamb Hall of Famers are smart and intelligent. Ignore people when they are saying mean things to you. Their jealousy of you will eat a cavity hole in the pit of their being. Let them rot!

Aliens do exist.

The one eye is a part of the Aliens. The Aliens are connected to the Pyramids. The Pyramids are evil. Why? Well, certain rituals are performed in the Pyramids. What do those rituals do? They bring about demons on Earth. That's right. Pyramids are portals to the Underworld.

The Aliens want the CATTLE to become slaves, despair, and destroy each other. World War 3 will destroy many CATTLE. World War 3 will be so destructive that it will be Humanity's final war. First it begins as the World vs. Radical Islam. Radical Islam will be quickly destroyed. However, the World will then get bloodthirsty. More victims will be needed. And that's when the witch hunt begins, my friends.

Computer Program Code

Would you believe me if I told you that the Aliens gave your leaders a computer program code?

Certainly not, Dr. Steward! You're nuts, you crazy man!

The code is a computer game for ruling the CATTLE. Think about it. Why should anyone be allowed to tell you what to do? Better yet, why do you even allow yourself to listen to that someone? Hmmm, am I starting to break you away from the power of their ruling game? Let's continue.

Name of the Game

Okay. So we'll call the computer game THE CATTLE RULING GAME. Not a very impressive title, huh? Sounds boring, I know. But it works. People like you and billions of others will follow your leaders, all the way to your graves. That is, unless you reset their game. Unless you expose their game to others. Hmm, am I starting to make you reset their game?

The Pope

The Pope (I don't know if it's the current one or a future one) will use force to try to make the entire world go to church on Sunday. In the future, what will it mean if someone goes to church on Sunday? It will mean that such a person is worshipping Satan aka the Devil aka Lucifer.

Stolen Swords

This is crazy. We just found out that Master Clad took his Sword from Master Nubiposh. It was actually her Sword first. Now Master Nubiposh has to resort to using an Iron Sword. She names it The Cladfinder.

Who is the King of Cozzaline?

Who is the Queen of Cozzaline?

King Knubi is Master Nubiposh's brother. He is King of Cozzaline. His wife is Queen Lorana. Queen Lorana is Queen of Cozzaline. Queen Lorana is one of the twin daughters of Dr. Gurmanaffe and Lady Berdiah. It's interesting how Dr. Gurmanaffe and Lady Berdiah always seem to have a hand in strategic royalty moves.


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