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How Blogging Helps Freelancers

Updated on January 23, 2014

Increase your Visibility with Blogs

Did you know that writing a simple blog on a subject that interests you could increase your visibility and chances of landing more writing gigs? Sound impossible? It's not, and blogging is also a great way to increase affiliate earnings as well. Hub Pages, for example, is one place where fellow writers and enthusiasts gather to write what they are passionate about. Other blogging sites, such as WordPress and Blogit can also get your writing noticed by other people who share your interest, and quite possibly, send unsolicited job offers your way. If you're not sure whether blogging is something you can do, read on. I'll share with you the way to beginner blogging success, and you may just have fun along the way!

How do I Write a Blog?

Writing a blog is as simple as talking to your best friend. Everyone is a subject matter expert on something, whether it is how to change a light bulb (think of the humorous possibilities for this blog) or how to keep slugs out of your garden (again, humorous but you probably have helpful advice too). The simple bottom line is to write about what you know, and what really interests you. People like to read information that is written in a friendly manner (even the boring stuff). If you really like what you're writing about, it will come across well to your readers.

What About HTML?

Some people are afraid to write a blog because they think it will be difficult. They may believe that they need to know HTML, how to use flash media and will have to create fancy layouts. This is rarely the case unless they are a web developer, and these folks usually know how to do that in their sleep. Take for example WordPress. This is probably one of the easiest blogging platforms to use. All you have to do is create an account, choose a name for your blog and start writing. It is easy to select a cool layout for your blog, and you only have to use HTML if you want to. You can't beat that with a stick! And by the way, if you want to learn HTML there are several books written on it, such as HTML for Dummies. Couldn't hurt, might help!

Blog Titles

You could write sexually suggestive or rude titles to get people to read your blog, but they won't stay for long if your blog isn't really about those things. Writing titles like those will probably get you booted from most blog sites anyway! So, the next best thing is to write catchy titles for your blogs that have everything to do with your subject matter. To revisit the blog ideas mentioned above, try How to Kill Slugs, or Beginner Light Bulb Installation. Keep the titles short and sweet, usually 5 words or less.

Unleash Your Inner Author

Your first sentence (and paragraph, for that matter), have to grab the reader. It should be interesting and show the reader that you have some knowledge about the subject. You don't have to give away all of your secrets in the first paragraph, just throw a few bread crumbs down and let them know that the more juicy stuff is yet to come.

How Long Should my Blog Be?

Blogs aren't supposed to be novels, they are supposed to be short, informative articles or musings on a subject. Save the white pages for websites dedicated to that kind of stuff, otherwise you'll lose your readers post haste! Most blogs are around 500 to 600 words, or 4-6 paragraphs long. Remember, you can always write a follow up blog to give more details. In doing so, you'll keep your readers coming back for more.

Advertise Your Blog

Blogging can help you by attracting readers to your work. Think of blogs as having the potential to create a fan club for your work. What author doesn't like that? However, while it is easy to create a blog, it may be difficult to get the word out that you exist on the blogosphere. So, how can you get the word out and get people to visit your blog? One of the easiest ways is to register your blog on RSS sites. Check out the links below for great sites that will help you get the attention you deserve!


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