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~How Do I Say Good-bye?~

Updated on March 4, 2014

How do I say good bye?

How do I make my hands let go

When I want to hold on tighter

Than I ever have before?

How do I smile

And tell you everything you ever taught me

Is going to make it okay

I know now what to do

I’ve got this…


The truth is

I am a little girl

I am fragile

And frail

And easily broken

And I can’t bear the thought

Of good-bye

I can’t imagine

Going down the road

Without your support

Without your encouragement

Without you,

Being my cheerleader

Waiting at the finish line…

You mean everything to me

And yet

You need to mean nothing

If I am going to survive this.

I guess this really is

Where the rubber

Meets the road…


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