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How I View Creative Writing and Writers in All Forms; Poems, Stories, and Songs.

Updated on December 1, 2018
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


My Example of Being A Creative Poet

© 2016 Missy Smith

Inspiration for creative writing, where does it come from? Well, for me, it comes from just about anything. It could come from a moment in which I’m sitting on a park bench watching people pass by, or like I have written about before; looking up at the moon and sun.

When I think back to some inspirational times that I have missed, but could probably still consider writing a poem about, one would be the time when I was driving home one afternoon, and in one particular tree, the only dead tree in the middle of all the alive trees, there sat vultures lined on every single branch of this lifeless moss filled tree, and the sky was gray that day, it would have made for a great poem if I could have snapped that picture. However, my creative juices, when thinking back on that day, will not flow with that scene anymore, mainly because I can’t get over that I missed the photo op to go with it. To this day, I sigh; I wanted a picture of that inspired moment so bad. To describe something like that in a poem would not be difficult, but I am disappointed that I couldn’t share the reality. It was unreal! I do believe I could still write a dark poem about that day, but without the picture, I had lost my motivation for that one.


And then, there was this morning, when walking out the back door around 7:15 am, and hearing such a glorious sound of geese flying low overhead, flying to where, I don’t know, but they sure sounded excited. I’m still inspired with that simple, but awesome sight. I may write a poem about it someday, even though, again, I did not get the photo. I think about another friend here while writing about the geese, she loves all nature and birds; you would have liked that small moment in time, Deb (Aviannovice); I’m sure of that.

Alexander Ebert


Being inspired by a simple song; The Creative Genius of Alexander Ebert's "TRUTH"

Inspiration, for me, also comes from listening to music. Lately, as I’ve mentioned before, I listen to the singer/songwriter radio station on iTunes, and a lot of these artists, I find, are poets who set their emotions to music, and it’s a beautiful way to recite life. Maybe I’m a bit envious, because I, myself, cannot sing or play an instrument. I’m certain if I could, I would take my poems to a different level just for the fun of trying a new creative outlet.

So now, I have come to the part where I would like to introduce a singer/songwriter I came across while listening to this particular radio station. Mostly, I would like to introduce the song of his that intrigued me so much, it inspired this hub. That song is called; TRUTH, and the creative singer/songwriter who is behind the masterful lyrics and sound of this song is, Alexander Ebert. However, his song depicts more than just one truth, in my opinion. It’s a poetic rendition of a song that could be the truth in many different scenarios for whomever takes a listen. When I heard it for the first time, It gave me my inspiration to write a poem about my own truth. The poem will be at the end part of this hub.

Please take time to really listen. It's an acquired taste, and that's the creative beauty of it.:)

Bill Holland "billybuc"
Bill Holland "billybuc" | Source

Bill Holland; A Creative Storytelling Genius.

I have now listened to the song I posted above many times, and it is amazing, as in the fact, it gives me more than one vision. I did not only see it as truth for my own reality, but it took me to a story of fiction that I was reading and continue to read here on hubpages. The story is written by one of the most creative people I know here, Bill Holland, or as you may know him by his pen name “billybuc.”

Bill has enthralled and captivated us all with his story of “Billy the Kid," and his total inventive way of writing this story in such a way that we move along with the main character, Billy; through his journey of hard crime and his dedication to make a better life after he falls in love, this is a brilliant and inspiring story to read. Those who have read the story as it unfolds like I have, would probably agree that it shares love in a way that it is supposed to be. However, it also depicts a dark side of how life could be if you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. It actually shows that a person could seem like such a cold-hearted killer, but inside has a heart of pure gold.

Bill’s story has twists and turns that keep us on the edge of our seats wanting more, and anticipating the next chapter. We smell the smells. We hear the gunshots. We feel the fear. We empathize with the characters. I could go on and on. It's a great story. Nevertheless, for me, it is centered around that particular character, the desperado named “Billy” who through all of his bad and dark days, after all the terrible things he has done, I still somehow want him to triumph through it all. This is the gift Bill Holland gives us through his genius way of storytelling.

The song I Posted, Bill, is a dedication to you and your character. I feel it is Billy's anthem. When I hear it, I can see your character marching in slow motion through the darkness and despair, going towards a better light and life. If truth be told, I see you, Bill; you are “Billy the Kid” for me. Every chapter I read, every word Billy recites; I see you as that character. I can’t explain that, but I do. I can envision the other characters as well, but you are clearly the face I see on this character. I hope you don’t mind that. Most of all, I hope you like and understand the song that I have discovered and how I relate it to this character you have brought to life.

PS - I'm sorry I grabbed your profile picture without permission, Bill. If you wish me to delete it, that is up to you. If not, thanks for letting me use it. :)

How About Some Poetry Now?

Now, with all that said and out of the way, it’s time for me to be creative and share another inspired poem I wrote. I listened to this song, TRUTH, and I decided to tell my truth in a similar metaphorically spoken poetic version. However, I believe if you are a creative creature, you will totally get it. I hope you will, and if not, I hope you like it anyway.

The Strangeling

strangeling ‎(plural strangelings) One who is strange, foreign, or unusual; stranger.
strangeling ‎(plural strangelings) One who is strange, foreign, or unusual; stranger. | Source

I believe I write differently from most, so...

How would you rate my hubs and poetry on a scale from 1 to 10?

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My Poem of Truth

You think I’m dark, and that

may be true; darkness lives

inside my tomb.

My tomb of life is what I mean;

It sucks the light out of me.

Don’t be upset or think I’m

lost. I’ve fought too long to

be my own boss.

The only real truth is clear to

me, lost is something I don’t


I see days that are filled with

the fight, and nights used to

rest my sight…

of seeing things like no one

else. It’s only complicated if

I don’t let it rest.

Inside your brain, this swims

around; I know you must

think I’ve lost my mind.

Have I done this, or could it

be; I make perfect sense to

only me?

I am weird, but I am happy

to know, that the life I’ve

lived through has made

me grow.

Grab some different thoughts.

Find a better Focus.

Take a closer listen to my


It’s a normal madness, a study

of me, an examination to be


A talk, a chatter, a tit and tatter;

that really doesn’t take a genius

sleuth, to know I’m laying out

the facts of my own TRUTH.

Get To Know Alex Ebert and How His Mind Works. It's Really Fascinating.Don't Skip it.

© 2016 Missy Smith


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