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Dealing with UPwork's Message Regarding Suspension

Updated on December 4, 2017
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Obtained my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration major in Management at Silliman University. A freelance VA and transcriptionist.


Many of us prefer working at home; it's much more relaxing and less hassle than working outside. You choose your own days and time to work and you don’t have to succumb yourself to the heavy flow of traffic, the scourging heat of the sun, or the downcast pour of the rain. All you need to worry is to find a site where you can do freelancing; a freelancer who offers his/her services to people (clients) who needs it.

One of the best sites, I have found by chance, is UPwork. It is the world's largest online workplace where you can find freelancers and freelance jobs. UPwork has a friendly user interface (very easy to navigate), have a large number of jobs, and an escrow protection payment. To know more about UPwork visit their site at

My Upwork Background:

I have work at UPwork for 3 months and had received $600+. I had established long term relationships with my past clients; gaining good ratings and their trust. I have delivered high-quality output that reflected my job success. Although, there were problems with my past clients, I was able to solve it smoothly.

I have no new contracts since my last client ended the contract because I had finished the work. That's when I decided to find another job. I sent proposals to different jobs within these past few days and that's when the problem started.

The Problem:

My Reaction:

I was appalled by the message. I had read the email many times to ensure that it really came from UPwork. After that, I logged into my UPwork account and found that those proposals I sent these past weeks were no longer available or was deleted by UPwork. I was hot under the collar knowing that I can no longer make contract with 2 possible clients who contacted me, before this happened.

What I Did:

I had to vindicate myself because I knew for a fact that I did not transgress any terms or conditions of UPwork. I sent an appeal to Upwork, stating that I was earning these past few months and had long term contracts with past clients. Because my contract has ended, I am finding another job to continue earning and the obvious way is to send proposals to jobs that I am capable of doing - cause if not I wouldn't waste my time and connects on something futile. It is commonly known that one of the reasons why freelancers doesn't get accepted immediately from those jobs they applied to, either because there's just too many applicants or the clients took some time in reading proposals. And of course, clients tend to choose those who bid low or those with better qualifications.

After that, I decided to research what would happen if your UPwork account is suspended. Some articles I had read stated that 1% of suspended accounts are reinstated. (That’s a comforting one!) So, if your account has been suspended for violating their terms of service, better say goodbye to your excellent UPwork reputation. Sad to say, there’s no coming back. Even if you create another account UPwork would still know it and put the account down. They are strict in their rules and regulations and they don’t give warnings. But, I refuse to give up mine. Their basis for putting my account on suspension is not enough.


I waited for UPwork's response on my appeal for how many hours but got none. I checked the status of my appeal and to my surprised…VIOLA! My case CLOSED and SOLVED.

What Happened Next:

I was heartbroken knowing that I am doing my job diligently and they earn 20% from what I earned and now they’re like telling me, “We don’t need you anymore.”

I thought it was a goodbye, but luckily, my past client, a very good client, contacted and offered me a new contract but I had to decline because of the suspension on my account. It was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to work for her again, but at least, I can use this as an excuse to bring my account back and to use this as a proof that my clients are satisfied with the job I am doing. I sent them another email and to my surprise my account is being reinstated.

UPwork's Final Decision:

Things you should do if this happens to you:

Have you experience what I’d experience? If yes, do the following:

1. Send an appeal

State why there is a need for you to get your account back, but don't be rude when you reason out with them. Make sure you didn't violate any regulations of UPwork.

2. Provide evidence

Provide documents (certifications, screenshots, etc.) or evidences that would help vindicate yourself.

3.Tell only the truth and nothing but the truth.

In the end they will know if you are lying (they can read your messages by the way) and you wouldn't have the chance to get it back.

4. Move on and look for alternatives

If you did your best but still they decided to suspend your account permanently look for other alternatives. I know it's disappointing how this can happen, if you want to continue freelancing, there are other job sites out there like (for Filipinos only). To be honest I have never come across a site that can compare to UPwork.

If you want to try freelancing, try it. It’s fun. But, always be cautious and know the site you are working at. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to mention it in the comment box or email me and we'll talk about it. Ciao.

Have you experience freelancing before?

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© 2017 Maria Megio


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