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Write Passionate Articles and Publish a Book

Updated on December 18, 2019

The articles and manuscript were mostly written during exercise activity


The Making of Ageless MirrorAthlete Book and Business

I began thinking about a unique fitness and healthy lifestyle business concept years ago. However, with the Internet advancements throughout the 90’s and early 21st Century a brick and mortar fitness venture went out the window… I put that expensive dream away.

The initial brainstorming of creating a website with copyright content and publishing a fitness book began while vacationing on a Mexican Rivera cruise in 1999.

Regardless of where you’re at; when good ideals strike, write them down, blog, or tweet those thoughts if serious about becoming a content writer and publisher. Of course back then Twitter was not yet born.

Back then the Internet was not advanced towards social media like it is today, so I documented my ideals on a note pad. Today I use a combination of old and new documenting techniques to capture and consolidate my thoughts on a daily basis. I never know what's going to end up as a published article from one month to the next. Relevant daily information shifts by the day. And many of the content nuggets, or ideals occur while I'm exercising. So I'm always prepared by way of technology to capture an ideal on the fly.

Many of the topics I write on have to do with habits, behaviors, lifestyle and personal interest stories within cultural environment and connections to fit healthy lifestyle.

During 2007, I began thinking about how I could take my unique fitness concepts and ideology and bring them to life using a shoestring budget. I knew social media was the cost saving solution I was looking for to promote my content. And without borrowing money to build a virtual business that had an unlimited upside.

Those ideals from the 1999 cruise led to the genesis of Ageless MirrorAthlete "Overweight and Unfit No More" book publication and online business.

I never intended to write a book; I honestly believed I’d be running a brick and mortar fitness business. But here I am today with a published book and online fitness business I never thought possible. And it was possible because I have a passion to tell everyone who will listen how to live the life they need, want and deserve now.

Walking provides time to think about what matters, and is healthy for us.

If you Want to Succeed in an On-line Business Publish Your Own Content

An online business model that produces it's own content can generate a following and marketing revenues stream. It does take time and effort to write your own content and learn how to build a web site. But it is far better than spending an astronomical amount of money to have others do it for you. And then lose control over the operation by NOT understanding how to change course.

If you don’t write content your simply linking to other author site articles and newsfeeds. Consumers will eventually search out authors and publishers that write original content your linking to. Then you begin to lose those followers. If your business plan revolves around linking to other content you'll not generate the revenues you hope to garner.

As I got better at socially connecting and posting my own content, my web site design and marketing skill sets also improved. Through targeted market analysis and consumer input it was determined a book would be the best business product I should focus on to generate cash flow to achieve the next goal. Increased followers and increase affiliate morket place product revenues stream.

Profits Were Not Our First Priority to Build the Business

At the developmental stage within any online business, generating profits should “not” be a first priority especially if you don’t have specific business or specialized knowledge of content writing. Instead you should be more focused on gathering information of interest and passion others are also interested in to build a loyal following.

Today I generate new subscribers to my word press site everyday.

I began by writing short stories and publishing them on Word Press and hub pages. I must say, Hub Pages in my opinion is one of the best writer’s platform that helps to develop better content and editing skill sets [I tested a good half dozen other writer sites before I found Hub Pages].

Identify with your audience and show them you care about their interests, concerns and daily challenges. This way you begin to meet their informational expectations. Find out what keeps them up at night. Consumers in an informational world need to get answers and solutions in the “now” or present real time. Provide free information you know your target audience will value and want to share, These practices will yield the loyalty and support you need to build and grow your business.

A solute to this great country as the day's walk comes to an end.

Find a Literary Agent and Get Your Manuscript Recognized by a Publishinghouse

Publishing a Book

Our first book publication has been no easy achievement. Although it’s years with many failed manuscripts, there was a light at the end of the tunnel with a completed product I'm proud to promote. Learn More About Ageless MirrorAthlete "Overweight and Unfit" book now.

If you have been working on a manuscript for more than 2 years and you know it has good content, don’t give up on it, even if you’ve faced rejection more than once. This is part of what it takes to become a good story teller and content writer. From what I now know, it is typical for an author to spend 2-4 years developing a manuscript for book publication that will sell print.

If you feel your grammar and editorial skills are not up to par and this is keeping you from writing that manuscript, don’t let it. I’ll be the first to admit and somewhat embarrassed to say, my writing and editing skills at best are often a “B” average. However, if you produce good content and you get your book professionally edited, this service will provide the skill sets needed to turn that “B” into an “A."

Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword. Never give up on the dream of publishing that first book, or building that business.


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    • woodamarc profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Woodard 

      4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Thank you very much for the kind feedback. And thanks for the share. I just released an updated hub yesterday on "lifestyle change make over" It's context includes an update of what our books about and relates to our overall mission statement found at our web site. We believe the information within our 1st book publication will be controversial, individually stimulating and culturally altering. It's been in the developmental review works far too long. I'm very excited to share our principled fitness and lifestyle change philosophy and hard to find industry secrets... and look forward to our publishers anticipated release date, 1st quarter of 2016. Good health to you and your family!

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      I loved your hub and will share it with our published kima global Authors who could learn a great deal from your hub. Well done


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