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Write Passionate Content, Publish a Book, Build your Business

Updated on April 6, 2015

The books content were mostly written during exercise activity


Origins of MirrorAthlete Book Project

I began thinking about a unique fitness and healthy lifestyle business concept years ago. However, with the Internet advancements throughout the 90’s and early 21st Century a brick and mortar fitness business venture went out the window… I put that dream away.

The initial brainstorming of creating a website with copyright content and publishing a book began in concept during my graduate business studies and put to paper while vacationing on a Mexican Rivera cruise during 1999.

Regardless of where you’re at; when good ideals strike, write them down, record, or tweet to yourself if serious about becoming a content writer and publisher. Of course back then Twitter was not yet conceived.

Back then the Internet technology was not available like it is today, so I documented my ideals on a note pad. Today I use a combination of old and new documenting techniques to capture and consolidate my thoughts on a daily basis. I never know what's going to end up as a published article from one month to the next. Relevant content shifts by the day. And many of these writers nuggets, or ideals occur while I'm exercising. So I'm always prepared by way of technology to capture an ideal on the fly. Many of the topics I write on have to do with habits, behaviors, lifestyle and personal interest stories within cultural environment and connections to fitness passions, past experiences with clients and lifestyle philosophy.

During 2007, I began thinking about how I could take my unique fitness concepts, philosophy and ideals and bring them to life on a shoestring budget. I knew information technology was the cost saving solution I was looking for without borrowing any money or using household savings to build a virtual business that had an unlimited upside. I immediately pulled the old note pad out of the closet and read my detailed online business strategy plotted 8 years ago . Those ideals led to the genesis of the MirrorAthlete experience, philosophy and personal chronicles and original 2007 web site which is now a registered trademark. MirrorAthlete is also a unique branding strategy that's led to the upcoming publication of our 1st commercial book deal and beyond.

I never intended to write a book; I honestly believed I’d be running an owned and managed fitness center with customized 1:1 Training and programming services. But here I am today near completion of a book that will push our virtual business to the next level..

Walking provides time to think about what matters, and is healthy for us.

Book Project Based on Site Content is a Good Plan

In a high-tech world an Internet storefront with self published content is very cost effective way to begin building a online business strategy. A business model based on passionate content leads you to an organized business plan and revenue generation process.

It does take time and effort to write your own content and learn how to build a web site on limited funds.

If you don’t write content your simply linking to other author site articles and newsfeeds. You'll then lose your potential subscriber base by referring potential customers to other content providers . Consumers will eventually search out authors and publishers that write original content once they know where the information originates. If your business plan revolves around linking to other content and selling affiliate products for a commission and posting adsense advertising, you'll not generate the revenues you hope to gain.

Prior to working on MirrorAthlete book manuscript, I began plotting content ideals in various formats on our web page and writers publishing sites as an extension of content and communication to see what consumers valued. In this world I could share free fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle information while receiving consumer feedback. As I got better at socially connecting and posting my own content my web design and marketing skill sets also improved.

Since I’m not a web site or program developer, our home site is very modestly developed with a turn-key potential to take it to the next level. But in order to get there will require significant revenues generation. Through targeted market analysis and consumer input it was determined a book would be the best business project to focus on and generate the cash flow necessary to achieve the next goal.

"NiNi the Cat" business is definitely different then any other business. If only life was this simple.

Profits are Not Your First Priority

At the developmental stage within any online business, generating profits should “not” be your first priority especially if you don’t have specific business or specialized knowledge of content writing. Instead you should be more focused on gathering information of interest and passion that generates feedback and a loyal following. These exercises will help you build your subscriber base as you begin to meet present and future customer expectations. Do not quit your day job while building a content site. No matter what other writer and publishing sites promise, I promise you this, you'll not generate enough income to pay the bills. It takes time to gain a subscriber base who may/may not purchase products or services, or click on your referral paid link.

If you create and host a well respected website, you can reach millions of people that may need and want your product or services. However by solely relying on other site linked resources you restrict or limit earning potential. On the flip side... If you own written content and web site you brand and build name recognition and credibility. That following and/or subscribership must be in the 10's of thousands if you hope to generate a living wage.

Today I generate new subscribers to my word press site everyday.

I began by writing short stories and publishing them on Word Press and hub pages. I must say, Hub Pages in my opinion is one of the best writer’s platform that helps to develop better content and editing skill sets [I tested a good half dozen other writer sites before I found Hub Pages]. For me, it was the freedom of intellectual expression, which led to improved content. By studying other writer content and publishing platforms, I learned how to attract and retain more subscribers that may also become a paying customer one day at our home site.

It’s my belief to build any successful business requires one to take ownership with hard work ethics if you want to reach a target audience, retain that loyalty and generate revenues. This means working the business no less than 2 hours per day without expectation of getting paid. If there's no one at the virtual helm, it doesn't take your customers long to figure out your not serious or passionate about your profession of choice and they'll unsubscribe.

Identify with your audience and show them you care about their interests, concerns and daily challenges. This way you begin to meet their informational expectations. Find out what keeps them up at night. Consumers in an informational world need to get answers and solutions in the “now” or present real time. Provide free information to your target audience with story like and useful information, These practices will yield the loyalty and support you need to build and grow your business.

Believe me, grammar and editing are not my strong points. But after writing over 200 articles, developing a website and 4 manuscripts later.., I've gotten better at finding my niche market to take MirrorAthlete to the next level.

While working through this virtual business and content writer process I learned a lot about online marketing strategies, competitor site analysis: social media models and other useful business strategies, To include customer demographics, deliverables, feedback-service expectations, web-design and social-political-economic environments

Competitor mission statements are also things I pay attention too.

Mission statements are all telling. If you don’t analyze anything else at a competitor site, read these statements if their listed. They are similar to a vision statement, they comprise of 1 or 2 sentences and tell you what they value, what they are passionate about, and target audience and goal [mission statements are typically short term, while vision statement is long term]. Many sites including ours combines a short-long term vision within its mission statement.

Study your competitors mission statement and determine how you can create a statement that differentiates or is very competitive to others. I don’t study businesses that don’t have a mission statement. If they don’t have this they probably don’t have a business and/or marketing plan. This tells me a few things. They are learning how to put forth an honest effort to become a legitimate business; or they are lazy and/or are all about making money off the backs of content writers. And/or subscribe to a pyramid business model [code: network marketing] and/or scam advertising business practices.

I value those that put forth an honest effort to create any legitimate business. My honest effort started in late 2007 as I was learning to develop a web site and honing in on my content and publishing skillsets. I'm constantly improving my website and updating poorly written content. Sometimes I wish I had an editor to check my work. The impatient and non-meticulous attention to detail are not my strong points. But I'm always willing to improve and your subscribers see these things and appreciate the effort.

If your mission statement lacks focus, or is hard for visitors to understand, your full business potential may not be realized.

Is our mission statement perfect? No it is not. But it is all telling. It is a statement that values fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. The goals within our mission statement appears monumental to achieve, but as I've always been taught, aim high and adjust to reality when necessary.

Our mission is "To provide customized and relative fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and ill-health prevention education information for the Mind, Body and Spirit of all ages.". Our foundation is built upon our "Saving a Nation in Pain chronicles” which led our unique principled fitness philosophy and Saving a Nation in Pain. This information is also the genesis of our first book publication. Due to be released 1st quarter of 2016.

For now, instead of revealing our unpublished book title and sub title, I simply refer to our first book publication as the “book project, or Saving a Nation in Pain.

A solute to this great country as the day's walk comes to an end.

Find a Literary Agent and Get Your Manuscript Recognized by a Publishinghouse

Publishing a Book

Nearing our first book publication has been no easy undertaking. I began the process in 2011 and had to scrub more than one manuscript. It was frustrating to start over, but the process of learning to develop, write and edit an interesting, compelling, unique, powerful and competitive fit-healthy lifestyle book was well worth the additional time.

Although it’s taken me 5 years with three scrubbed manuscripts to get to this point, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with a product I'm proud to publish.

If you have been working on a manuscript for more than 2 years and you know it has good content, don’t give up on it, even if you’ve faced rejection more than once. This is part of what it takes to become a good story teller content writer your target audience needs and wants. From what I now know, it is typical for an author to spend 2-4 years developing a manuscript for book publication that will sell print.

If you feel your grammar and editorial skills are not up to par and this is keeping you from writing that manuscript, don’t let it. I’ll be the first to admit and somewhat embarrassed to say, my writing and editing skills at best often a “B” average. However, if you produce good content and you get your book professionally edited, this service will provide the skillsets needed to turn that “B” into an “A."

Tip - if you have outdated published articles, update them. Make the content relative to time and re-post them. I've found treasure troves within my first 3 years of published content that still need updated editing and making them current. Some of you like myself will look at these old published articles and think... man those writing skill were bad... let's fix em, re-publish and make them new again for the next generation.


I’d like to thank hub page fans and home site subscribers over the years for your feedback and especially your support. Without your loyalty and input, I know I’d never have pushed myself to publish a book and God willing, reap the rewards of hard work to follow.

Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword. Never give up on the dream of publishing that first book, or business venture.


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    • woodamarc profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Woodard 

      4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Thank you very much for the kind feedback. And thanks for the share. I just released an updated hub yesterday on "lifestyle change make over" It's context includes an update of what our books about and relates to our overall mission statement found at our web site. We believe the information within our 1st book publication will be controversial, individually stimulating and culturally altering. It's been in the developmental review works far too long. I'm very excited to share our principled fitness and lifestyle change philosophy and hard to find industry secrets... and look forward to our publishers anticipated release date, 1st quarter of 2016. Good health to you and your family!

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      I loved your hub and will share it with our published kima global Authors who could learn a great deal from your hub. Well done


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