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How Long Lord

Updated on June 27, 2015

Ogemdi loved poem and her inspiration is derived from the book of psalm, she argued that one of greatest contributors of psalm was more a performing artist than a politician, to her David was a star, the Bob Marley of the Bible.

She claimed to be a fan of David from age 14, argued that the words of psalm are poetic as they are religious, David seemed to be a dramatic character because before he could fulfil the prophecy and become the king of Israel, he took a beating,was forced into exile and ended up in a cave in no name border town facing collapse of his ego and abandonment by God.

This is where David was said to have composed his first psalm which Ogemdi considered is purely a blues. "Man shouting at God; My God,my God why hast though forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me?"(Psalm 22). To Ogemdi, psalm means a lot and is lyrical although she claimed that she doesn't understand the tunes except for psalm 23, " The Lord is my shepherd."

She stopped going to church at a certain time in her life because she claimed that she got herself into a different religion; this is what being a poet is all about. Music is worship, poem is adoration wether it comes from the ancient place we call soul, wether the prayer is set on fire with a dumb rage (Cain) or dove like desire (Abel), the smoke goes upwards to God.

After my chat with her, i came to terms that psalms are truly devine and poetic,take a look at psalm 40... This psalm confirms that there will be a time when grace will replace karma, and love replace the very strict laws of Moses, the scripture at one time was filled with hustlers, murderers,cowards,adulterers and mercenaries but today its a source of comfort. Psalm 6 confirms something I have always questioned my maker...How long?

I have thought about this as a nagging question,pulling at the hem of an invisible deity whose presence i glimpse only when i act in love. How tears. How groaning. How weakness?? How long until the creation reckon that he made all things beautiful and man begin to dwell in harmony? Lord, do not rebuke me in thine anger,have mercy upon me for i am weak,my eyes is consumed because of grief and my soul vexed but thou, O Lord, how long?


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