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How Much Ebonics Do You Really Know? - Part II

Updated on March 16, 2014

Another chance to see whether you're straight up gangsta or straight down Fifth Avenue...Take this quiz and find out!

Ebonics, formerly called Black English, is the language of the inner city - the "hood", as it's called (short for "neighborhood"). As you know if you took the last quiz, many of its words and expressions are quite different from those of standard English. Want to brush up on your skills? Or show off how much you know? Then come along on round II of this Ebonics quiz and have a laugh while you're at it!  And if you missed the first quiz, click on the link below for How Much Ebonics Do You Know?.

Answer the following 10 questions to see if you've stepped up your game since the last Ebonics quiz:

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