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How My Dad Bought My Mother Chapter 3

Updated on June 12, 2013

Chapter 3 Meeting of the Lifestyles

During dad’s rehabilitation, mom and dad were able to spend more time together. They each realized that they needed the other. Dad needed to grow a soul, to discover a purpose in life and to become more human. Mom was looking for a better life for me, her only daughter. And hopefully to have a relationship with someone she could open her heart up to trust. At times it was a comedy of errors as other events were growing pains.

I remember the many days when mamma would come home tired but still found time to spend what little she had of it with grandma and me before studying her medical books well into the night. The mornings were spent with dad. It helped her get through her college classes during the rest of the day. She studied every chance she got. Even at the hospital where she worked during the evenings and weekends, she found time to study.

She also noticed a huge pay increase, mostly of dads doing, which helped us out greatly. She never mentioned it openly to dad about it except to say that she would habitually thank him for all his help whenever they said their goodbyes. Mom wasn’t one to take handouts from anyone especially from strangers. But for dad she was starting to open up. She had closed herself off to having a relationship many years ago when my biological father ran away in her time of need.

She often said that I was a one hit wonder. Making the point to grab and hold me tightly as she would continue to say that I was a wonder of love from God. But I still would always feel as if her life would have turned out better if I was never born. But as she appeared more youthful in nature and full of life due to the man whom I came to call Dad, I began to see the hidden blessing from God.

Our dinner conversations at night were almost X-rated at times. She would talk about changing his bandages and giving him his daily bath. She would go into great detail about undressing him as his rather large manhood would stand erect as she removed his underwear. Even in too much detail about his ‘accidental ejaculations’ due in part to her massages and/or bathing technique. Grandmother made the point of asking if they were having sex yet. But mom never gave a clear answer; always stating that she wanted to get married first.

When all his casts came off things got more interesting for them. Dad’s entire home was under reconstruction by this time. He had moved into a vacant room in the servants’ house. Even when Dad was cleared by his Doctor and no longer needed mom to visit him, she still visited him anyway. They would have breakfast together and walk around his property. Showing off his wealth as mom called it. All eyes of his servants and personnel security were watching them. All of whom mom noticed were primarily female.

Dad has still to this day a small fetish of sorts. With the exception of his chauffeur, the house servants, grounds keepers and his security team were almost all women. That changes just before we moved in with him when his chauffeur retired. He was replaced by a former female Army Sargent who knows how to use nearly every form of military weaponry and knows several forms of martial arts; which I got to see in action later on in my school life.

It took a while for dad to understand why mom was so upset. Mamma thought he was having sex with some of the workers. But no matter what dad said, she was getting more emotional about it. She finally calmed down once the other house staff stepped in to talk with her. And as most of them were originally of Mexican or Cuban descent, they ended up talking in great lengths for hours in Spanish about dad and his family.

Many of the women on dad’s staff have been working there before dad was born and remember changing his diapers. They told her of the fights dad and granddad got into as well as many other stories about dads’ family. When his entire family died, they helped him get through it. They were the only stable thing that kept dad sane until mamma showed up and gave him a purpose in life. Mamma was a little taken back to find out that six of the women working there were all related as another worker has two daughters who also works there as well.

The house staff has been working there for so many years now that they have no real understanding on how to survive in the real world. They live and work there. They never had to pay utility bills, rent or other types of payments of any kind like regular working people do. They need dad to survive as much as he needs them.

As to why dad only hires women was due to an incident many years ago when two butlers were sexually assaulting one of the maids. Granddad fired them after they were caught raping her. The butlers were later arrested and are still in jail to this day. Also dad’s brother ended up moving to Europe for a while. He took one of the maids to a party but crashed the car, killing her, when he tried to have his way with her. Dad never spoke to him again.

The security team that watches the house and dad are former military women from different branches of the military. They are all highly trained as many of them haven seen combat duty. Mamma could see them walking around, patrolling the area. They never entered the house except the kitchen for lunch and/or a quick snack the chef would make for them. It took time but she opened up and began to put more trust into dad. She putted a lot of hope of him being faithful to her as he had been promising.

As Dad was fully recovered, he attended company meetings and looked over the interest of his company and the employees. He stated that he felt more alive and was more driven to lead the way for the company instead of running away from it. With his nights more freed up, mamma invited him to our home for dinner. She had us cleaning our small apartment at least three times. We also prepared a full Mexican style dinner for him. Even though we live in an area that’s not exactly a low income place, the image of dad pulling up to our apartment in a Rolls Royce Phantom really stood out quite a bit.

The chauffeur stayed with the car as dad entered our home. Dad was pretty much taken aback by the size of our place. Mamma had already told us that the entire apartment could fit inside his bedroom. It was a tight fit for all of us to move around in there but dad stayed the gentleman. Grandma kept looking at him and making little comments about him in Spanish. But the dinner went well as afterwards we sat in the living room looking at old photo albums as grandma told embarrassing stories about mamma and me.

At the end of our dinner date, mom and dad said they goodbyes at the doorway as nearly the entire apartment complex seemed to be waiting outside to see who the owner of the Rolls Royce was. Mom was on cloud nine afterwards. We quickly straightened up the place and went to bed with the sounds of mamma having another orgasm in the bathroom; again. A few days later she came home saying that dad was going to return the favor and invite all of us to his home for dinner. We went shopping that night as mamma wanted us to look our best but grandma was having doubts about their relationship.

The night of our dinner date, the Rolls Royce picked us up and carried us to meet dad at his home. It was like a royal visit as the car pulled up to the entrance. Servants were there to open doors for us and guide us through dad’s home to the family library. I thought grandma was going to have a heart attack by the size of the place. But as dad entered the room to greet us, grandma started talking in Spanish.

She kept asking about their sex life and if he was going to be faithful to her or not. She also kept asking about wanting a tour of the place to see how rich he really was. By the time we made it to the dining room grandma was asking mamma if they were going to get married or if this was just a fling or something. But then dad did something that stopped my grandmothers’ talking in mid-sentence that to this day makes her feel really embarrassed.

Dad turned towards her and took out a small jewelry box. He opened it towards grandma to reveal a large diamond ring. In the most perfect form of Spanish, he asked grandma if she thought if this was a good size engagement ring for her daughters hand in marriage. The look on grandma’s face was priceless. Before she could recover to give an answer, mamma chimed in to say that dad had been taking Spanish lessons since they first met. Grandma just stayed speechless as her eyes were glued to the ring.

But in another swift movement he turned towards mamma and presented his offer for her hand in marriage. This was also the first time for her seeing the ring and she too was left speechless. But her composure returned in time to give an answer. Repeating it a few more times of a reassuring “Yes” as we were all being seated at the table to enjoy a celebration of their engagement. Even though the kitchen was a good distance away, we could tell that it was abuzz with news of mom and dad’s engagement.

We were served a five course Mexican style dinner. Grandma later admitted that it was way more delicious than the meal we had prepared for dad. But she only told us that in the car as we were returning home. After dinner, dad gave us a tour of his home; twenty five bedrooms with twelve bathrooms and 4 half bathrooms, office rooms, a library, dining room, two living rooms and a more formal living room, two elevators plus a kitchen that could cook a meal for an army unit was all that grandmother could take before needing a break from all that walking around.

She was then told about the indoor heated pool, the outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna room, exercise room, bowling alley, movie room, a huge garden that was adjacent to a large wooded area that was set up with nature trails that encircled a rather large lake fully stocked with fish were just a few more things grandma and me tried to grasp of how rich dad was and still is to this date. Mamma knew of all these things but for grandma, it was getting late and she had to get home to rest and to take her medicine.

It was clear that the evening was a huge success on all levels for mom and dad. They were seeing each other for breakfast the next morning to go over details of the wedding. We all said our goodbyes and were driven home. But we were to return there within a few hours due to events that happened at our apartment complex.

While we were at dinner, there was a police raid on a meth house next to our apartment complex. As the police raided the place, an explosion erupted that shot out flames onto our apartment complex that caught on fire. Arriving home, all three of us rushed out of the car but a police officer held us back as the fire fighters worked to put out the fire. At the same time this was happening, the chauffeur was calling dad to let him know what was happening.

Very quickly he showed up to comfort us. When the fire was out, we noticed that our apartment was OK from the outside. But inside there was lots of smoke and water damage. We were going to have to find a new place to live as mamma thought about staying at a hotel for a few nights. But dad made other arrangements for us. He spoke with the police officer in charge then ordered two people from his security office to come and keep an eye on our place. He then got us back into the car and to his home.

The staff had already prepared rooms for us as we went to the living room to figure out what we were going to do next. Grandma and mamma were still shaken up a bit but dad spoke to them as if he was giving a speech to the Board of Directors. He offered his home to us as we looked for a new place to live. He even offered to have all our belongings moved here to be sorted through and hopefully salvaged. As it was getting late into the night, mom agreed to it. The next morning we got a good glimpse into the world dad lives in.

It was Saturday morning as we were awakened by a knock on the door. Servants entered each of our rooms and directed each of us to a different bathroom to bath and prepare for breakfast. When we returned to our room, the beds were already made and cloths were prepared and laid out for us to wear. Much like how dinner was served for us last night was the same way as servants were at the ready for breakfast.

Dad went over the itinerary for the day. We would meet with the movers at our apartment. A security officer would stay to monitor and direct everything. Then we would go shopping to replace our clothing and other personnel belongings. Dad had already made arrangements for the hospital to give mom some time off from work and to send over a refill of all of grandma’s medicines. Mom had already called Aunt Pricilla and Uncle Antonio to update them on her engagement and the fire.

Many of the staff members were on hand to offer their support and prayers to us. But as for how long we were to stay here was up to mom and dad. And by the way they were acting more as a couple now, it was clear that we were going to be living here on a more permanent basis. I kind of half knew this would happen eventually. But it never really set in that it would be this soon. I was a bit scared but for grandma, she was in 7th heaven. She found the massage chair in the exercise room as it would become a hassle just to get her out of it every day. She too had come to making herself at home here.

Our life had just changed dramatically. And it was going to change even more for me as I tried to get use to this new lifestyle and dad’s involvement in it. Looking back I’m glad he did the things he did but in those moments, I was really struggling. Plus as Cinco de Mayo was nearing, dad was about to really see what a Mexican family get-together was going to be like. And yet he still married mom anyway.

© 2013 melmika


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