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How My Dad Bought My Mother Chapter 4

Updated on July 28, 2013

Chapter 4 Becoming a Family

Going to the mall to replace our damaged clothing is fun; especially when someone else is willing to pay the bills. The first bit of fun was watching dad exploring a place he had only visited during grand openings. He was amazed at the many types of small stores under one roof. But the clothing stores were the ones he dreaded the most. With the exception of a few t-shirts, all of dad’s clothes are tailored made for him. He considers the phrase “off the rack” as being barbaric.

But he stayed the gentleman as best he could as three women shopped like never before. The only place he didn’t enter with us was Victoria’s Secret. He figured I would be a bit embarrassed with him watching me looking through different styles of underwear. He figured right. Mom and grandma had a field day as they bought an assortment of the sexiest kinds. I just choose briefs but mamma threw in a lot of bikini and thong styles as well. It took a while but I really love wearing them now.

Once back home we were greeted by four people from dad’s tailor. He called them while we were shopping for underwear. Before we could go to our rooms to rest, we were shuttled to another room for privacy as our complete measurements were written down. We were then informed that our new clothing would be ready within a few weeks. Once again proving how much dad really hated off the rack shopping.

The next day Dad talked to us about sending me to a private school. I stated that I really wanted to stay in my current school where I could be near all of my friends. Dad worked quickly for by the next morning he had hired off-duty police officers to patrol the school. When I returned home from school, I noticed his fatherly love towards me. On my bed was an envelope with $1,000 in it. My weekly allowance as his note stated. He also installed a 75 inch TV set in my room. With a satellite hookup of every know cable channel possible, minus the porn channels.

Plus gaming systems like the Wii, PlayStation and the Xbox hooked up to the TV. He also included over 30 games for each of the gaming systems. I went to grandma’s room to complain but she was relaxing in her new $10,000 massage chair. She said it was like having an orgasm. I basically gave up and went back to my room to look over my new iPad, iPod and iPhone.

On some mornings mom would carry me to school. On days when she needed to be in class early, dads’ chauffeur Lori would carry me. But then she would spent the whole day there until it was time to come home; dad’s orders. It was stressful at times but she kept her distance so I could be with my friends.

Two of the things dad asks us to do were first; to wear an emergency device in case of well, emergencies. On this devise, I can press a button to send out a signal for help plus to communicate with the person(s) listening in. In case it was a false alarm or to explain what the problem is. I wore mine as a bracelet. The 2nd thing he asked us to do was to surgically install a tracking device in our butts. In case of a kidnapping, we could be quickly rescued. Reluctantly I agreed as it took a few days for the swelling and pain to die down.

All this came in handy a few weeks later at school. As we were going back inside to change from gym class, there were two other male students waiting around. They lived in the same apartment complex as I did. They curiously asked about the owner of the car who had visited our place. By their reputation, I really didn’t want to be near these guys as they kept getting closer and closer to me. Their conversation started to get more disturbing as by now I had already activated the bracelet on my wrist.

The things they were saying, of what they wanted to do to me, were very frightening. They were grabbing and touching me in places. They then grabbed ahold of my arms and legs; forcing me into an outdoor storage room. I was crying and begging them to stop. They didn’t see that Lori and the school Principle were running towards me as they were forcibly pulling off my cloths and continuing their lurid comments.

Lori didn’t waste any time in doing a roundabout kick to the back of the 1st guy’s head. He fell to the ground cursing violently. Lori then grabs the 2nd guy’s hand. She proceeded to twist his arm around causing him to let go of me. As his by now rotated arm was nearly twisted out of his arm socket. She swings around and does a karate-like fist chop right where the arm joint is connected to the shoulder. He falls to the ground screaming in pain.

Lori then goes back to the 1st guy. With both of her hands clutching the sides of his head, she rams her knee into his approaching face. As he is falling back to the ground, she quickly takes the bottom of her foot from that same knee and sends it crashing into his chest. Like a hammer on a nail, she planted his chest cavity hard to the ground as he was by now completely unconscious.

She returns to the 2nd guy who is by now trying to run away. She grabs the back of his neck which causes his good arm to fling around. As if he was trying to hit her. But she grabs the arm and pulls it so far behind his back that it sent cracking sounds echoing through the air. She proceeds to ram his whole head into the ground as one would use a shovel to dig a hole in the ground.

This left him in an unusual position with his ass sticking completely up in the air. She maneuvers to one side of him and held her arms up in a defensive position. Then she proceeded to take her steel-toe shoe and field goal kick him right where his penis was by now becoming liquefied. Both of his arms were visibly and horrifically separated from his shoulders. The only sound heard by now was a girl nearby screaming in terror. Lori quickly looked them over to see for any movement.

She then proceeded to run over to me while commenting to the Principle saying, “This is a small sample of what your daughter is learning in the Army.” Earlier the Principle was chatting with Lori about his daughter who had recently joined the Army. But my alert had cut their conversation short. Lori took off her coat to cover me up as my gym clothes were nearly completely ripped off of me. I wouldn’t call it a fight as she took them out in less than two minutes.

The police and ambulance arrived as by now everyone thought the two boys were dead. Dad was notified by the security team of what had happened and called to see if I was alright. Mom came rushing to the school to comfort me and to take me home. The two guys were taken to the hospital and later booked at the police station. A few days later I got a chance to see just how scary dad could be. And to know that he really does care about us.

Grandma, mamma and I were in the security office watching and listening through a security camera in dad’s lawyers’ office as they talked with the parents of those two boys and their lawyers. The parents’ lawyer wanted money to hush everything up and to pay all the boys medical bills. Dad did all the talking. But what he did first was to play the recorded conversation the boys were saying to me on that day, including raping and kidnapping me for money. I could see the boys’ parents squirming in their seats.

Their lawyers wanted dad to stop the recording but dad kept playing it. One lawyer began threatening multiple lawsuits about illegal recordings. Of going before a judge to block dad from releasing the recording to the public. As mom and grandma held on to me, I could see that dad never took his eyes off the parents of those boys.

I still remember the different tone of his voice as he was talking to them saying; “That was the sound of my daughter crying. They were in the process of raping her. To hold her against her will for money. How the hell do you think she feels? That her parents feel. Don’t you even care what they were doing to her?”

One of the dads cleared his throat saying; “Just give us the money. We’re poor and no one cares if the rich girl suffers or not.” The rest of the parents loudly chimed in with their own unifying comments as their lawyers tried to calm them down. But at the same time they were threatening to sue dad and me for a whole lot of crimes. I’m the victim and I’m listening to these butt-holes treating me as if I was the real criminal. But by now dad had ended the meeting and they left.

Then dad got out his cell phone and made a call. Dad only said, “You got what you need, run the story.” He looked up at the camera and says, “They’ll never bother you again. I promise.” That night, what happened to me was reported on every news agency around the world. The recorded conversation the boys said to me, my screaming for help. The conversation dad had with the boy’s parents and their lawyers was shown. Because we were minors, our names were omitted, but dad made sure that the boys parents’ and lawyers’ names were clearly known to the world.

The boys were sent to a juvenile detention center until they reach adulthood. Then they were sent to federal prison for life. More of dad’s doing. The parents were publically humiliated and had to move away from all the death threats and public harassments they were receiving. Even though their lawyers tried to make a case, they were laughed out of the court system and careers as dad putted it.

For me, I got to see a man use only a few words that told me how important I am to him. I know he did it out of love for my mother but he clearly went way out of his way to do what he did to protect me. School life did eventually return to normal again but I was facing another serious problem. Even though mamma wasn’t feeling too good that day we still had a conversation about my sexual urges.

It was one of the few times where she was the mother instead of the big sister. She really didn’t want me to make the same mistake that she made. Pointing out that she was lucky that her parents supported her and to be have been blessed with the greatest child ever. She really wanted to lose her virginity to the father of her children but never got that chance. She really drove home the message that she wanted me to stay a virgin. I agreed with her but made the point that her constant sex stories with dad weren’t helping.

Mom went to her room to retrieve something for me. Returning, I noticed she was carrying all of her sex toys. She never answered me on why she was giving them away. She only stated that using these would calm the urges. She showed me how to properly use all of them and then left me alone. I then took a nice long shower during which time I had my first orgasm. I felt tired but more relaxed. But I was more embarrassed as mamma would now know why it took me so long to use the bathroom.

Later on I met up with her and grandma, signaling that I had a great bath as grandma chimed in saying, “Oh, I’m sure you did.” My smiling face turned into a look of embarrassment as mamma scolded grandma. That’s when I learned that all those sex toys use to belong to grandma. Granddad bought those for her after he became impotent due to an accident at work. Then grandma added by saying, “Well since she’s inherited them, I can start telling her my stories about her granddad and me.”

With dad away on business, some of the staff was joining us for a girl’s night of doing each other nails and hair while watching movies and eating junk food. Gathering up the food to take to the movie room, mamma started to get really sick again. She began throwing up in the kitchen sink as everyone offered to lend a helping hand. But we also began looking at one another in a knowing way.

When mamma regained her composer, grandma asked her point blank if she was pregnant. Mamma tried to change the subject but grandma, being a mother herself, shot back strongly for an answer. Mamma broke down with an affirming yes. Everyone congratulated her as we carried on with the night’s celebration and entertainment.

All in all I wasn’t worried. But mom was afraid of history repeating itself; pregnant and possibly without a husband or a father for her baby. But dad was returning tomorrow. The family reunion was the following day and mom was a nervous wreck on what dad would say or do. But what we didn’t know was that he already knew.

© 2013 melmika


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