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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

Updated on February 14, 2016


It is a pleasant self-help book. Chapter titles make complete sense already, one can just go over its pages, speed read, and done. Richard Carlson's experiences and awareness of himself reflect throughout the book. It gives off a refresher vibe to everyday life. Insights are straight to the point, and worth quoting even.


Do not make small hassles snowball into big problems, but overcome them instead with small acts of kindness, patience, and understanding. Practice handling small irritable stuffs in perspective. Go beyond and transform them to our own advantage.


It is not about being others’ doormat for the sake of peace, but more on having a mindful self-control over our tendencies to pass on to others our irritations, judgments, disappointments, and the little mishaps that make our days so bad.

What is more is our inclination to point out our superiority to others, thinking that we know better that we fail to listen but criticize right away instead. For what stress us so much are the anxious, hurried ways we deal with day-to-day minute inconvenience.

It tells me not to argue but respond accordingly and still keep my cool, not to overreact or blow it out of proportion.

Catchy words and phrases in the book:

makes a conscious effort and attention to be intrested in others' behavior and way of life
welcomes diffferences
does not pinpoint what is thought of as appropriate or acceptable
moves beyond comfort zone, experience and knowledge
back burner
a mental box where concerns and problems are temporarily stored when they come one after another
where solutions are brewing without the pressure
where problems are solved one at a time
snowball mentality
self-defeating chain of thoughts leading to confusion, frustration, or rebellion
help ritual
healthy habits and treats to self to stay focus and loving
eye of the storm
composure when everything seems to fall apart
disposition to remain calm while others panic
inner stable radar
breathe then speak
moments to breathe before commenting on what is said
a chance to pause and reflect
speaking without the rush
to wait for our turn to speak
not cutting the conversation short because we want to get away with it
agreement with criticism
letting negative feedback slide
agreeing when there are hints of truth about how and who we are
when we rant about the hassles in everyday life, relationship, in people
much attention to those we do not like
patience period
conscious exercise of patience when needed
prolong waiting instead of snapping head on

© 2011 chelle


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    • silkwormy profile image

      chelle 6 years ago from Manila, PH

      Thanks for dropping by H.Kephart and reading this.Keep up the good work.

    • H.Kephart profile image

      H.Kephart 6 years ago from United States

      Very useful information to remember especially with my two year old boy! Voted up and useful.