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Quote Quiz: How Pretentious Are You?

Updated on July 30, 2015
Bernadette Harris profile image

Bernadette is a proofreader, online blogger, and freelance writer. She graduated from Franciscan University with a B.A. in Literature.

Proud of being a bookworm, but worried that your knowledge may be too obscure to be considered socially acceptable? Take this quiz to find out just how far you've gone with your literary obsession.

Perpetuate Your Obsession

So how'd you do? If you have concluded that you are quite beyond repair, embrace your destruction with open arms. I can help with this by providing an appropriate outlet:

I actually just discovered this and thought I'd share it with you guys. It's a site that gives you access to thousands of free books. Making an account is free and in exchange for downloading books at no cost, you just agree to give your "unbiased review" afterwards.

That's right. They WANT us to voice our opinions about books. For free. Sign me up. Hope you'll take advantage of this bookish awesomesauce. Have fun with it, and happy reading.


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