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Article Writing : How Readable is Your Content ?

Updated on December 26, 2013

Improving your Writing Skills : How Readable is Your Content

Reading success is not just determined by how well a reader reads but also how readable a piece of writing is . Here are some few useful strategies to help you check for readability of your content and to develop a perfectly readable content for your audience.

Number of words in the article . The number of words in an article can determine how readable your content is . For most article directories , the number of words required to publish your content is 500 or more . As this is what is generally accepted by most directories , you can't write less as you would risk having your contents deleted . So you have to write a 500 or more word article to get your article approved on the directory , nevertheless your article doesn't have to be excessively long as it would make the it boring and less exciting to read . Only a few people would finish reading an excessively long article.

Number of known words . The no of known words or keywords within an article can also determine how readable your content is. When your reader is familiar with more words within the article, they are more likely to read and understand the contents . However , when the article contains more unknown technical words and phrases, It becomes difficult for the reader to understand the ideas being discussed in the article. When a reader finds it difficult understanding your contents, then the background knowledge of the target reader had not been well accessed before putting out the contents . Knowing the background knowledge and experience of your target audience make sure that your content has been designed to suit the reading levels of your target audience before publishing your contents . Check that the suitable or appropriate technical words and phrases have been used to enable easier understanding of your content .

Pattern used in arranging your ideas . Always check that your content is well organized and that the appropriate pattern has been chosen in arranging your content before you publishing them . The order of arrangement of your content can determine the readability of your article . It can make your article easily read and understood or difficult to understand and boring. Arranging the ideas in the content systematically makes it easy for readers to understand your discussion . The regular pattern of arrangement gives rhythm to the ideas as well as making the content look visually attractive for readers . This helps to make your article less boring and rather interesting to read.

Spelling and Grammar . Before you publish your article, check your spelling and make sure that correct grammar has been used. Wrong spelling and inappropriate use of grammar could cause difficulties for readers to understand your contents. Before you publish ,your work , you can have a friend proofread or recheck your contents for spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar . You can also use MS word to help you check the spelling and grammar before publishing . With some online article directories , you can also enable the dictionary tool of text edit box to help you notice and correct the spelling and grammatical errors before you publishing your work . This will not just enable easier understanding of your article content but also make it look visually attractive to readers and for that matter , interesting to read .

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