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How Shall I Plead?

Updated on February 21, 2018
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Liz loves animals. Seeing them ill, hurt, or killed breaks her heart. She advocates for "adopt, don't shop" and TNR programs for feral cats.

Mountain Lion, Panther, Fox

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How Shall I Plead?

Mountain lion, panther

wolf and fox:

All are endangered,

please check a box.

Whales and dolphins,

harp seals too;

I am but poor,

what can I do?

"They" say you'll forever

pass away

If I don't give

fifty dollars. TODAY!

Would you put their extinction

upon my head

Because I had to buy

my family's bread?

I'll do what I can:

it isn't much--

A letter to

Mr. So and Such.

But if "they're" right,

and you go away,

I'll shed tears to drown the sea

that day.

Dolphins and Seal

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All photos by Pixabay
All photos by Pixabay
All photos by Pixabay

About "How Shall I Plead?"

Originally penned in 1987, it was written in angst over the countless solicitations received in the mail, seeking monetary donations to various animal rescue groups.

I have a very big soft spot for animals, and the fact that I was (and still am not) in any kind of financial position to be able to afford to donate, pulled terribly at my heartstrings. This poem was the result of my sadness.

I did a minor revision in 2010.

© 2010 Liz Elias


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