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How That Wind Blows

Updated on November 10, 2016

You don’t know how that wind blows. How it radiates over Tennessee Spring and only at that time, I find favor upon hilltop salvation. I simply cannot help it and if tasted of her elegance, I do believe you would join me upon journey and sacrifice. Oh, God, you don’t know how that wind blows! Pills are pain and sane must we gain within its pleasurable agony. God, how that wind blows! Afterlife and within still-life, I feel guilty for finding refuge inside her, um how I’ve found myself! You don’t know how that wind blows! Upon mountain and steeple, they cannot be my people! Wind that blows, innocent as snow, God the doors open and there, I witness present life and future strife within a single glance! My wedding day is here and there he stands. The wind blows and I find myself in fog upon misery. He lifts my veil and sees the tail, for my story has been told. Oh, how that wind blows!

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